I n t e rn a l Us e SAP Pa rt n e r O n l y I n t er n al U s e S A P P ar t n er O nl y SAP AG AC Cost Management and Controlling. The reason for combining CO and FI basic training is that both SAP (Cost Object Controlling for Products); AC (Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders ). AC (Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders) covers Cost Object Controlling in SAP R/3 in make-to-order environments with and without a valuated sales.

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In make-to-order environments, the product cost controlling functionality varies, depending on whether the sales order stock is valuated or unvaluated. If you have not created a standard cost estimate for the configurable material but you still want to debit the product cost collector for the activities used, carry out an internal activity allocation in the Product Cost by Period menu. Category E Valuation M Val.

As part of Sales Order Processing, you create a sales document. For dependent requirements that are controlled by individual requirements, the valuation approach is taken from the SD document item assigned to the component. You can also use key figures to categorize your data.

If you do not store a condition type in the requirements class, then the condition type is determined via the sales document type. The work center defines the available capacity standard or shift sequence.

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The results acc515 this target cost version can be settled to Profitability Analysis. The settlement rule for the production orders will automatically assign the sales order as the receiver. Production Line Material master BOM Production line Repetitive manufactoring indicator and profile Production versions Financial accounting and costing Planned material consumption Storage location for backflush Available capacity Cost center With scheduling based on takts: Reserves for Imminent Loss: Activities and processes which have been posted directly to the respective cost objects can be revaluated with actual activity prices.


Note, that an extract is normally only valid for the duration of one Release. In the views Costing and Financial accountingyou define the price of the material and the price control to be used standard price, moving average price to valuate the material in backflushing. Production controlling focused on product groups High production volumes Sales controlling similar to make-to-stock Examples: If the unit costing includes a material item with a cost estimate, you can explode this cost estimate to display the items that make up the material cost.

With repetitive manufacturing, products remain unchanged over a longer period and are not manufactured in individually defined lots. If a method of apportionment cannot be used, the system looks for an alternative method of apportionment.

The percentage of completion for each sales order item is determined by dividing the actual costs by the planned costs. Copying the cost component split based on sales order costing to Profitability Analysis CO-PA is useful if you are working with a valuated sales order stock and a515 standard price is based on the sales order costing also see Valuation with standard price. In conjunction with exceptions and filters, a variety of selection criteria supports your efforts to analyze only the critical sales orders.

The work in process for a particular group of costs, ssp example, can be assigned by means of an entry in the corresponding column of one of the following categories: Check whether the commitment for the purchase order was updated on the corresponding sales order item From inventory management, process the goods receipt for material T-T4 and review the valuated special stock report. Inventory, both stock counts xc515 valuation, goes down; cost-of-goods sold goes up. Now enter the following data: Variance analysis Work in process Planned costs Actual costs Under these headings, you will find either the corresponding reports or further subdivisions.


We need your help to maintenance this website. You can capitalize the costs if you settle to Financial Accounting FI.

AC Cost Object Controlling for Sales Orders (Col32) – Instruction manuals

Save the results of the results analysis calculations. Product Costing Cost component split How is the ax515 order Cost itemization item updated? In the following characteristic valuation, valuate the material characteristics as follows: You learn that the make-to-order manufacturing has two main scenarios.

It makes sense to use the standard value key SAP3 Production line planning in the work center. Which costing key is used for a particular document can depend on when the document is valuated in CO-PA the “point of valuation”the record type, the product sold, the material type of that product, or any other characteristic in your operating concern. The goods receipt is valuated using a predefined valuation strategy sequence.

The swp data has already been maintained but is to be verified. You have ssp following customer exits at your disposal: Individual requirements Requirement quantities of the dependent material are stated individually.

Integrated Case Study Certification Test. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. The planned costs from the standard cost estimate are converted to the planned order quantity to calculate the target costs. Save Make a note of the sales order number, which the system displays in the status row when asp save your data: You can then allocate these costs to a product or order.