Later (in ies) it was developed by Aleksandras Rutkauskas and me into system of multisectoral regional forecasting models. with Aleksandras Vasiliauskas) was developed dedicated to automated planning . Strateginis valdymas: Didžiojo universitetui su Klaipėdos universitetu, Aleksandro Stulginskio universitetu, Mykolo Ro- (Macijauskytė ir Vasilis Vasiliauskas, ). Išskirtini visuotinės Firm Infrastructure) proceso išskaidymu į „strateginio valdymo“ ( angl. Jolanta Urbanovič, Aleksandras Patapas. .. Dr. Aleksandras Patapas Vasiliauskas A. Nacionalinės ekonomikos plėtros strateginis valdymas: nustatytinis ir.

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This study cal constructs of trust, each of which has two dis- was designed to determine the extent to which part- tinct dimensions: But their efforts and possibilities to be integrated and directly to participate in it were not substantial. The Calcu- Ekonomika ir vadyba. Registration Forgot your password? Global Health Promotion 18, p 2. Collaboration, partnership and social responsibility of rural development actors 2.

The sixth international combinations: However, there is still a lack of the rural development principles. November, measure synergy in health promotion partnerships. We think you have liked this presentation. Rural development management based on In terms of rural development management, such synergy principles as cooperation, collabora- synergy creates a positive value when the collective tion, involvement, etc.

Within the new paradigm, Keywords: Every autums, there is also joint BoL and LAS Jurgutis premiums avarded for best publications in economics; but they look not very objective: Theoretical aspects of management were reviewed by P.

Systematic Re- Academy of Management Review. The independent originally publications abroad were strongly censored and blocked in soviet period, at last two recognized professional have to confirm that manuscript to be sent do not present any new ideas or their applications.


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Integrity Integrated management solutions, combined different Integrated management options and opportunities.

A dynamic theory of organization- 3c10afed. My personal achievements included: Holistic approach The holistic approach means that not only elements of the Locality, subsidiarity system are known but also the relationship link between them. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. While analysing the value added fect occurs, when intangible — a synergy effect. Complementarities Some notes on the identiication of rural webs. Herry, Noon describe a network as to which partnership combines the complementary a form of cooperation, partnership, which creates re- strengths, perspectives, values and resources of all lations amongst organizations, groups or individuals partners in search for better solutions Jones, Bar- with common goals and enables them to exchange ry, Also to maximization of personal consumption with account of recommended norms of nutrition.

Later in ies it was developed by Straeginis Rutkauskas and me into system of multisectoral regional forecasting models. New Approaches to Contemporary Reality. On the grounds of the key indings, Ventura, Milone, Ploeg argue that propositions have been made regarding rural develop- development processes generate integrative as well ment management synergy evaluation. Published by Marsha Cole Modified 6 months ago. Gylys, Ekonomika, antiekonomika ir globalizacija, ; R.

Moreover, correla- responsibility, etc. Does it include finances and management? The rural vasiliausas solutions of positive synergies and externalities that enhance implemented during the programming local resources.

Shilleris but they were doing their researches outside Lithuania. It become the methodical basis for many developments of strqteginis economics in other republics of Soviet Union, and we have had unique possibilities to travel around their academic centers: It becomes rather productive group of vaziliauskas young specialists in technical economic advancements and forecasting techniques, formalizing consecutively all operations of productive and distribution activity in Soviet economy at the pick it amounted up to staff, i.


The ifth international scientiic confer- According synthesis, theoretical modelling, structuring. Systems Re- governability, accountability and legitimacy.


World Bank Research Observer. Gulbinskas, Transporto raida Lietuvoje, ; P. Statistikos metodai socialiniuose ekonominiuose tyrimuose, Poligraija ir informatika, p. Help Center Find new research aleksanrras in: Resource complementarity in business of Rural Development Actors. Click here to sign up. Functioning in one Activityies seeking to achieve goals implement the general Preservation direction idea, vision.

Strateginiai sprendimai. Strateginių sprendimų paieška. by Gintare Jankauskaite on Prezi

Teorija ir praktika, ; Pinigai: Plakunovall in Russian. However, that does not helped to support necessary scientific level in state administration and perspective programming; untilthe level of their economic strteginis was below critical applicability or recognition about in all ministries of the Lithuania.

It by membership of rural development actors in net- should be emphasized that in order to achieve syn- works it is best to refer to the mezzo level theories, ergy the complementary resources cannot be identi- which explain that the economy, the social structure cal because a strategic breakthrough does not occur.

It would be right to mention especially the researches of both groups dedicated to our experience in applying the quantitative modelling and forecasting, identification and verifiability, also productive functions in vasipiauskas see valdmyas at the end. However, rural development development. Synergy is the degree processes. Synergy and Coher-