This free application displays the full Amharic Fidel (ፊደል) and pronounces each letter. In addition to the full Fidel, the application also features tabs for Abugida. uh*, oo, ee, aa/a, ae/ay, eh, O. h. ሀ. ha. ሁ. hu. ሂ. hee. ሃ. haa. ሄ. hae. ህ. heh. ሆ. ho. l. ለ. le. ሉ. lu. ሊ. lee. ላ. la. ሌ. lay. ል. leh. ሎ. lo. h. ሐ. ha. ሑ. hu. ሒ. hee. ሓ. haa. The Amharic Machine shows you how to write any word or sentence in Amharic Amharic is written with a version of the Ge’ez script known as Fidel. There is.

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Amharic nouns can have a masculine or feminine gender. Some kinship -terms have two plural forms with a slightly different meaning. Morphemes such as -llat and -bbat in these examples will be referred to in this article as prepositional object pronoun suffixes because they fiddel to prepositional phrases such as for her and on herto distinguish them from the direct object pronoun suffixes such as -at ‘her’.

There is no agreed way of romanising Amharic into Latin script. Journal of Ethiopian Studies 2, — Second only to Arabic, and it uses the ancient language of Geez as its script, this is known as the Fidel.


Kabyle Riffian Shawiya Shilha Tuareg.

Ethiopian Alphabet: Amharic Letters and the Alphabet in Ethiopia

In FebruaryMicrosoft released its Windows Vista operating system in Amharic, enabling Amharic speakers to use its operating system in their language.

In the case of an indefinite plural adjective noun complex, the noun is plural and the adjective may be used in singular ridel in plural form. By using these grid systems, one can easily learn the Ethiopian alphabet.

Sometimes combinations fivel the two systems are found. The Holy Bible was first translated into Amharic by Abu Rumi in the early 19th century, but other translations of the Bible into Amharic have been done since.

Within second- and third-person singular, fidle are two additional polite independent pronouns, for reference to people to whom the speaker wishes to show respect. When enumerating adjectives using -nna ‘and’, both adjectives take the definite article: The basic shapes are altered in various ways to indicate a different vowel following the base consonant.

Amharic Alphabets – ፊደላት in Amharic

Amharic is a pro-drop language: Want to know how to write your name in Amharic? In Rosenhouse, Judith; Kowner, Rotem. After Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica, study circles in Amharic were organized in Jamaica as part of the ongoing exploration of Pan-African identity and culture. The correct way to say “give thanks” in Amharic is one word, misgana. In Amharic, the adjective precedes the noun, with the verb last; e. Archived from the original on 3 April But this advantage comes with its own disadvantages.


One may construct simple Amharic sentences by using a subject and a predicate. In each of these four aspects of the grammar, independent pronouns, subject—verb agreement, object pronoun suffixes, and possessive suffixes, Amharic distinguishes eight combinations of person, number, and gender.

There are just too many characters to fit on a normal keyboard. This phonetic alphabet was manually written until the advent of the printing press which began to be utilized in Ethiopia as early as in Here are a few simple sentences: Retrieved 10 August amhzric This is because these fidel originally represented distinct sounds, but phonological changes merged them.

Amharic alphabet, pronunciation and language

Amharic nouns can be primary or derived. Silt’e Wolane, Ulbareg, Inneqor Zay. Retrieved 8 December The Ethiopian alphabet has 7 vowels: Oxford University Press, Inc. Oxford English Dictionary 3rd ed. As in the plural, morphophonological alternations occur depending on the final consonant or fidep. The Amharic ejective consonants correspond to the Proto-Semitic ” emphatic consonants “, usually transcribed with a dot below the letter.

Adjectives are words or constructions used to qualify nouns.