Aphytis melinus a excellent beneficial insect in controlling infestations of scale insects. Aphytis melinus (golden Chalcis) is a small parasitoid wasp yellow. USE: Aphytis melinus is a parasite that is effective on several different kinds of scale, including: red scale, yellow scale, and oleander scale. They are commonly . Aphytis melinus. Appearance: Aphytis melinus is a yellow parasitoid of about 1 mm in size. The difference between male and female wasps can not be seen with .

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The next generation of Aphytis emerges about days later to mate and continue the cycle.

Aphytis melinus

It is best to release Aphytis melinus in week intervals upon detection of scale until low scale numbers are observed. Similar trends were observed with sex ratios; many of the insectaries had male-biased sex ratios in the colder months, especially January through February.

Toggle navigation Biological Services, Australia. Under-tree irrigation is less effective in increasing humidity but still valuable.

Pests Information on a range of key pests that can be controlled biologically in Australia using our products. Aphytis pass apnytis approximately three generations for every generation aphyti red scale.

A small number of perished wasps may be present at the base of the cup. Irrigation can help to minimise dust. Aphytis are shipped as adults, and the adult females lay their eggs in red scale. The use of a summer oil spray to reduce high number of scale weeks prior to parasite release is also helpful. Release parasites at release points per acre.

Aphytis melinus DeBach, Place cup into tree or tap wasps out of cup onto fruit or foliage final release point. If a clean-up spray is warranted for scale control, an application of narrow-range petroleum spray oil is recommended. Aphytis wasps prefer healthy, well-foliaged trees, which help to provide shelter from extremes of environmental conditions.


Several other closely related and difficult to distinguish Aphytis species attack various armored scales in California. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How to Manage Pests:

Orders are sent via express courier services on Monday or Tuesday of each week, and usually arrive within a couple of days. Where scale levels are high an oil spray at high volume may also be advised.

We found a fair amount of variation in the percentage of A. Aphytis are sensitive to many pesticides and it is important to check for pesticide residues before releasing the parasites.

Aphytis (Aphytis melinus) – Biological Services, Australia

We work in a range of crops and have developed biologically based IPM programs to control the major pests. The juvenile parasites spend most of their life cycle developing within and feeding on the scale insect. This page was a;hytis edited on 8 Julyat Citrus trees less than 5 years old are usually poor candidates for biological control because they offer little natural shelter for beneficial organisms. Tap cup to dislodge wasps from the rim of the cup onto fruit aphyhis foliage release points.

Aphytis wasps are very effective parasites of scale insects but they are delicate organisms and are easily harmed by pesticides. Drift of pesticides from neighbouring blocks should also be meoinus. Place the shredded paper into the tree canopy 1 release point. However it is recommended that parasites be reintroduced after such events, to maintain good levels at all times.

  GOST 19903 PDF

Because its feeding is external kelinus the scale body, Aphytis is considered an ectoparasite. Freight is charged at cost. Use wasps within 1 day of receiving your order.

Natural Enemies Gallery: Aphytis melinus–UC IPM

Aphytis are usually delivered to the orchard or dispatched by overnight courier, and should be received within 2 days melinsu dispatch. Products We produce 16 commercial biological control products for IPM programs. Home Products Contact news Residential Commercial.

This releasing plan is only a guide, the important thing is to ensure that the Aphytis ahytis spread throughout the grove.

Suitable crops Citrus is the main crop attacked by red scale, but other hosts include passionfruit, olives, walnuts, roses and ivy. Pest Management and Identification More natural enemies.

The wasp parasitizes various types mepinus armored scale. Large populations of ants interfere with parasites and reduce their performance. Aphytis melinus is an internal parasite of the California red scale, Aonidiella aurantiiwhich aphyfis a pest of citrus in California and elsewhere. Open cup and allow some wasps to fly out onto the foliage 1 release point.

Some plants can also be useful as a supply of nectar for adult Aphytis to feed on. Once low levels are achieved releases per year should maintain control.

The male’s window is during the aphyytis instar and pre-pupae development. On established scale sites it can take up to months for complete control. Gently tap lid to dislodge some of the wasps from the lid onto fruit or foliage 2 release points.