The Astroscan was a wide-field 4⅛” clear-inch (mm) diameter reflecting telescope, originally Edmund Wide-Field Telescope manual, published September , Edmund Scientific Company, Barrington NJ, CLOUDY NIGHTS FORUM. • Main Street, Tonawanda, NY # Astroscan ® Millennium Tabletop Telescope. Astroscan ® Millennium User’s Guide. Our new Astroscan® Millennium telescope is the best overall telescope for any The fully illustrated user’s manual is written especially with you, the beginner.

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Do not remove optical elements from the telescope as doing so may affect the alignment of optical components when reassembled.

A simple search for the Astroscan in Astronomy forums reveals that the little red telescope has many detractors, and many defenders: From novices satroscan pros, we are the go-to destination for anyone looking to have serious fun with serious science! We had a steady stream of visitors downtown until a little after 6: The irony here is that the StarBlast was designed to match the optical features of the Astroscan.

This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat Brush telescope optics with camelhair brush or blow off dust with an ear syringe can be purchased at any pharmacy. About Gallery Contact Shop.

The Long Life and Sudden Death of the Edmund Astroscan Telescope | Spectrum Scientifics’ Store Blog

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state astrosvan state. Insert the 17mm eyepiece into the focuser. Astroscan “In The Field”. Deep-sky objects, however, typically look best at medium and low magnifications.


The best place to start is with the included 10mm and 17mm eyepieces for higher and lower magnifications, respectively. Welcome to your closed circle.

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If the image begins to degrade, back off the magnification and use a lower-power eyepiece. This holds the secondary mirror onto the telescope! They had a great contender with the Astroscan, but all of their other models were not as able to support their costs of development.

Telescope Types by Keith Beadman. Use the plastic dust covers to protect the eyepiece and focuser during storage.

Celestron reserves the right to replace any product which has been discontinued from its product line with a new product of comparable value ,anual function. The tank-like build of the scope is a big selling point.

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Venus appears as only a thin crescent at its brightest, and it is never found far from morning or evening horizon. If the reflections do not look aligned, some adjustment will be needed Figure 6. For visual appreciation, even solo, I think the sun funnel still wins.

Follow these steps to properly set up and align your red dot finderscope Figure 4. The design is durable and allows for simple operation by novice amateur astronomers; zstroscan won an Industrial Design Award in Remove the plastic covers.


The solar filter on the refractor just cuts down the intensity of the light, it does nothing to reorient the image, so the image at the eyepiece is right side up but, because of the degree mirror, flipped left-to-right. And because the solar filter is on the inside of the big dust cap and protected by the small dust cap in front and the second piece of cardboard with the 25mm aperture stop behindI can leave it in all the time.

Why is this important right now?

Astroscan Millennium User s Guide – PDF

The problem was mostly aesthetics: Although we both put in time on both manuak, for the most part I drove the Astroscan while Matt minded the Travel Scope. The Spring Night Sky. Take the big dust cap off, the scope functions normally. Why was it so different than other telescopes?

The validity of their arguments continues to be debated to this day. My partner in this enterprise was fellow Claremont paleontologist Matt Benoit. Do not wipe any of the optical surfaces.

The Astroscan did well as telescopes sales go. The motion translates to a rate of approximately. Like the eclipse, the whole effect of the transit was a little unreal.