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Aurangzeb par Hindu kushi ka bay bunyad ilzam lagaya jata hai.

In an autocratic polity importance of personality factor could not be denied. The Sheikh gloomily mentions in his Maktubat about participation of Muslims, particularly women, in Deepawali celebrations and sending of presents to their daughters and sisters similar to those by the infidels. Clear relation between jazar ideals proliferated by Sheikh Sarhindi and Mian Masum and policies pursued by Aurangzeb contradict the contention of Irfan Habib.

Us ne sarkari khazana ko hamesha qaumi imanat samjha aur kabhi aik paisa na liya. They do not take into account the desecration of the Jain temple of Sarasapur, Gujarat in Before this the play had received thunderous applause in Pakistan and India. There are voluminous sources available to inform about the life and times of Aurangzeb and the aftermath of his policies. Third group tries to present things in true perspective as far as possible. In there were more than Elliot and John Dowson: Lekin apne bare bhai ki baghawat ke moqa par hijri mein us ne Deccan ki hukumat chhor di.

Islam and infidelity are two irreconcilable opposites. Alamgit are commenting using your Facebook account. Email required Address never made public.


Mukhtalif qisam ke fatway ke majmue muratab karaye. There is congruity between the policies of Aurangzeb, Sharia law and the injunctions of Sheikh Sarhindi and Mian Masum, the son who became his successor. Number of Rajputs did not grow. He reported on August 10,that 66 temples have been destroyed. Aurangzeb ne apni taweel takht nasheeni ke door mein zayada waqt mukhtalif sk mein guzara. On the other hand Aurangzeb who was a version of a modern day Taliban was exalted.

Cows should be slaughtered to demonstrate the supremacy of Islam. Aurangzeb Alamgir History In Urdu: Maasir-i-Alamgiri records information sent by Abu Tarab, who had been commissioned to effect the destruction of the idol temples in Amber. Mafuz ul Haq, is a stupendous attempt for bringing about religious harmony in the country.

The argument that Aurangzeb softened his policy of temple destruction in later years does not hold water. Post a Comment sevidamkrdezign. Is silsile mein nazam adliya mein beshumar tabdiliyan kien.

Polarization of the community has led to polarization also of historians. He was villain and still remains so for those who suffered and those who harbor ill will for his ever memorable acts. Fear of Sheikh Sarhindi of being drowned in a populace whose syncretism and great cultural tradition was a threat for the identity of Islam was not unfounded.

In that case, according to alamgirr premise, that belong to ifs and buts of history the two oceans would have mingled and there would not have been polarization and partition of the country.

September mein Shah Jahan sakht bimar ho gya aur us ke beton ke mabain husool takht ke liye larai barh gyi.

Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf

Solution of ever elusive communal problem in India needs less mature Iqbal the author of Tarana e Hindi of rather nazaar mature one of Tarana e Milli of and ala,gir later creations like Shiqwa and overpowering of the Mutzalite hard liner tradition coming down to us through Sir Iqbal and Abu ala Modudi. Alamgir bohat buland kardar ka malik tha. He did not interfere with any Hindu religious activities. On 25th May,Khan Jahan Bahadur came from Jodhpur, after demolishing the temples and bringing with him some cart-loads of idols, to be placed under the steps of Jami masjid.


Aurangzeb alamgir par ek nazar pdf

Why did Aurangzeb adopt orthodox policy: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Youn pehli baar saltanat mughliya sahil se lay kar Hindu Kush ke daman tak phail gyi. Us ki policy bila shuba Islami thi lekin us ne Hinduon par kabhi tashadad na kiya. Manjula Kumar, the well-known director of the Smithsonian, brought her passion and commitment to producing the play that created ripples and got many excellent reviews.

They adopt an apologetic stance towards the Arab Turk, Afghan and Mughal invasion over India and policies of the Sultans of Delhi, regional Muslim states and Mughal Emperors, among whom Aurangzeb holds a very significant place. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Dara Vis Vis Aurangzeb: Writes Majumdar about the condition in Hindus during the regime of Aurangzeb: