Default Program (Bioloid Premium). Basic programs for humanoid. How to download task code · How to execute basic program. Basic motion files for humanoid. For those interested in building the Bioloid Premium Humanoid, assembly instructions can be found at the URL below. This URL is not part of. User’s Guide. What is Bioloid? Bioloid. The Bioloid is a robot kit where the user can build anything they desire, just like the Lego sets. But unlike the Lego.

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Operation Guide – The robot will standby with its arm open.

I want to check how much battery I have left. Below is an image of a Type B humanoid with a grippers. There are samples that use these 2 functions to control the robot with a remote controller.

Double click the left parameter? In order to apply the joint offset a motion must be executed. Even If there is a motion requiring the corresponding actuator, there is no way to control it with the motion data. If you change the channel of the controller, you must also change the channel of RC Please be careful not to mix them up. It will attack when something is detected near the front. Objective for this tutorial is to learn how to use the Walking Machine.

Demo Mode The robot will clap depending on how many times you clap. Robot in Action R: Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the dinosaur robot on.


If you do not replace the battery right away, the robot may turn off without warning and fall, which can cause severe damage. Operation Guide – When no change is detected, the fawn sits down and looks around. Please refer to the Assembly Manual and check again.

When no motion is being played, the joint offset will not be applied even if a value is input by the gyro sensor. Task Premmium will help you understand ppremium code below.

When a sound is detected, it will walk avoiding obstacles. You may use the Check Assembly Mode to see whether your robot has been properly assembled. Is the battery fuse intact? Set the joint offsets of the actuatorsfor both arms toso that they are not controlled by the motion data. Code to execute user-defined motions will be added to the task code used in manial Adjustment using the Gyro Sensor section. Check the angles of the arms and legs. Turn the CM on and press the U button. Some of the cables have not been connected properly.

These sensors may be designed by the user or bought from biolid store. You can find task codes and motion files for other actions on the Default Program page. Add code to control the gripper and arm using the remote controller. Start the Check Assembly Mode. Thus, all users must set their channel to 1 for broadcast communication. Make two of these if you want to attach premiuj gripper on both hands.

Operation Guide – When the power is turned on, the flower blooms and moves as though it is dancing. A melody will play each time it moves.


Review the [Walking Machine] section before getting started. Immediately recharge your battery Refer to Charge. The robot sleeps when you first turn it on. The BalancePage is used to apply the joint when no motion is being executed. To print the numbers on the screen endlessly, use the Endless Loop command Create a command line.

Advanced Level Example Robot (Bioloid Premium)

Thus, set the UseGyro variable to false where you do not wish to use the gyro adjustment. The bioloiid will awake when you clap. Change the Start Program function in the sample codes to suit your needs.

When an object is detected above it, it will crumple up its body. Control Multiple Robots 5. Please be sure to acquire sufficient knowledge about circuits beforehand.


Review the two sections before getting started. If you touch its mouth, it will do cute things. Dynamixels used as robot actuators possess many functions. Therefore, a module from one set may not work with a module from another set. The dinosaur robot attacks. When nothing is detected for a while, it will sleep. When the lower sensor detects something, it will nanual the edge and turn right.

The final task code is shown below. The motion file is from the Custom Motions: Application motion control depending on the sound detection of the IR Sensor and Timer.