An unofficial game “based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling”, written and self-published by Jared A. Sorensen. An unofficial free RPG based on Harry Potter. No author’s description. Uses a d20, but is not “d20 system”. Sorensen Based on the extraordinary fantasy novels by JK Rowling.A game by Jared A. Magic is the attribute that directly affects the c.

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The Griffin of Teradom. This scenario is written for the Broomstix roleplaying game, a very rules light game written with younger players in mind, set in the world of Harry Potter, based on the fantasy novels by JK Rowling. You can download a copy of the 16 page rule book and a character sheet for use in play here: The following notes are a guide to what might happen in the scenario.

Obviously in actual play, the students might take actions that change the order of events around. The Gamemaster will have to adapt and improvise, which adds to the fun! Broomstix is a rules light, free format game which is quick to learn and easy to play, especially with younger players.

The open format and loose rules mean that both students and Gamemaster have more to do in coming up with the detail of what exactly takes place, but brookstix this can be a broomsix of fun with hilarious results. You are all first year students, aged 11 or 12, and excited about commencing your studies of the magical arts.

Have the students introduce themselves to each other, giving their names and any background or other information they broomstis appropriate. A new Headmistress by the name of Doctor Runela Thrimbleton has just taken charge, replacing Professor McGonagall, who retired as Headmistress last year after sixty years working at the school. But Bromostix is still much the same and as always, Hagrid is still there.

The Sorting Hat will sort you into your Houses. The school is abuzz with excitement as the new students start their studies and the older ones have a reunion as they return after the summer break.

Students making a successful Knowledge History of Magic roll will know that Dr Thrimbleton is versed in Arithmancy, the ancient study of the magical properties of numbers, like many successful administrators in the magical world. Dr Thrimbleton has a little bit of a Russian accent when she talks, though no one is quite sure why.

I am Doctor Runela Thrimbleton, your new Headmistress. I hope this year you all work hard in your lessons and learn more about the ancient magical arts. There will be some changes this year. How do the players respond? This was previously just for second year students and older, but the Ministry of Magic has decreed that all students are to learn this advanced magic right from the start.

Your first lesson will be Mr Spollot this afternoon, directly after luncheon. A round of applause to welcome our new teacher please boys and girls. Mr Spollot is a short, bald man, wearing comfortable clothing and a bowtie. He has a droopy, light brown moustache that he nervously tweaks every now and then. He smiles rather a lot though and looks pleasant overall. I wish to introduce Procurator General Gilbert Oates to you.

He is from the Ministry of Magic. Remember, Mr Oates and his colleagues are only here to help us and I expect you to obey them just as you would one of your teachers.

Mr Oates smiles thinly at the children. Any players should stop reading at this point — everything after this is only for Gamemasters! The Ministry of Magic did, in the years after Harry Potter and his friends attended, send inspectors along to Hogwarts on several occasions to check up on things, but that was a long time ago now and this latest inspection is not by them.


Instead, Lord Voldemort is seeking to regain his power and this fake inspection is the first part of that plan. He is as yet in a weakened state following his rebirth, brought about by sorcery, and needs raw magical power to grow stronger.

He plans to steal a number of magical items from Hogwarts that he can use to regain his power after brookstix back from the dead. He believes Hogwarts is an btoomstix target for such a plan, with rich pickings in the items to be found there. With a new company of Death Eaters, he has devised a plan to cause as much chaos as possible at Hogwarts to make these thefts easier to accomplish. Dr Thrimbleton was surprised at this request, apparently from the Ministry, but is keen to comply to ensure success in her new position.

Procurator General Gilbert Oates is in fact a Death Eater, one of Lord Voldemort’s followers, who specialises in concealment and the magic of appearances. Dpg an enchantment, he has transformed his normal appearance, that of a ragged man with scars over his face, to that of the more pleasant, albeit still scary, Mr Oates. Further fake orders from the Ministry of Magic require the school to teach Transfiguration Magic, normally an advanced form only taught to second year students and above, as broomstix as the students start.

Lord Voldemort knows this will cause chaos in the school as such young, inexperienced students experiment with such forceful mystical energies. If the students make a Magic Skill aptitude roll of 11 or more, they will gain the impression that first year students learning Transfiguration Magic does seem odd and goes against decades of practice at Rpf. This project has worked its way upward as well, into the Ministry of Magic itself.

Headmistress’ Welcome to the new School Year

Using cunning spells, Mr Oates has arranged to have official sanction from the lower level officers at the Ministry for this inspection of Hogwarts. The Ministry has other things to attend to and has failed to notice the bogus source of these orders. During the scene in the hall, some of the older students in the years above will glare at the new students, trying to intimidate them.

One of them in particular is a tall, well-built boy of around 15 with a basin style haircut, his hair jet black. This is Biffle Amadycus, who they will meet later. How do they respond to this?

In general, these notes set out a plot to drive events for the scenario. Please encourage the players to engage in extra roleplaying between themselves and rgp other students prg the school.

How do they interact? Are they all friends? Is there any rivalry between the player characters andor other students? When the students sign in at their dormitories, there is a letter in a plain brown envelope waiting for one of them on their bed. It has a wax seal on it and if the student inspecting it rolls 11 or more on a Knowledge roll, they will realise it is the seal of the Ministry of Magic.

I am sorry about missing all your birthdays and Christmases.

It has a label on it. Ask Zonko for it. A Knowledge roll over 6 by the recipient will reveal that Thaddeus Hallibon is a distant uncle of theirs. Thaddeus has never, ever been in contact in this way before and it seems extremely odd brolmstix he would do so now.

Thaddeus broo,stix an uncle of the student involved and a low level official at the Ministry of Magic. He is deeply suspicious of events that are transpiring but is unable to get a clear message out. A particular one of these is Biffle Amadycus, a tall, well built boy of 15 with a basin style haircut.

Harry Potter Game for my kids

They will either have to try and sneak past him or try and bluff their way into explaining why they are outside their dormitories, using Intrigue skills. Biffle will want to get them to stand up straight and explain themselves and if not satisfied will call one of the teachers to ensure discipline is observed.


This is quite a walk from Hogwarts. More Intrigue skills will be needed to convince Zonko of this.

I made a Harry Potter RPG : rpg

He will then try and find it amongst all the parcels stored under his counter. This is likely to happen while Zonko is looking for the present.

If the students do not comply, he will go out and then return a few minutes later in his magical form, that of a malevolent cloud of black smoke.

This smoke will magically appear in the shop and attack, trying to freeze the students so he can take the present before they do. If it grabs the present, the smoke and present magically teleport away and the snake is never recovered.

Crit or Miss: Episode 7 – Broomstix: The Harry Potter Roleplaying Game – Project Derailed

Athletic Running rolls will be needed to get to the present before the Death Eater does. Has a wand that looks like a small club. Wears long black robes and has a thin, almost skull like face, with close cropped silver hair. His magic includes the ability to induce cold in his target, freezing them broomstxi place. He has been charged by Voldemort to cause chaos at Hogwarts. He can transform at will into a cloud of black smoke that can manipulate objects, carry things or cast freezing spells on opponents.

It is also very painful. He is cautious about changing into his smoke form, as he does not want anyone to see it happen to avoid them realising he is a very broomdtix magician and not an brooomstix from the Ministry of Magic.

That is why he stepped away from the shop for a few minutes to change. If they are quick, the students could get the present while he is away. If they cast detection spells, there does not seem to be anything remotely magical about the tin.

If they open the lid, suddenly a rg long toy broomsgix, made with a spring inside, springs out of the tin and jumps at the opener Athletics Jump roll to jump out of the way. If they broometix cornered by Mr Oates in the shop, they can use Athletics Dodge rolls to try and get away from him, although he will rpt and block the door, the only exit to be seen.

Zonko has a trap door behind the counter, and can open this to allow them to escape. This leads to broomztix long tunnel that goes all the way to come up in brolmstix outer corridor at Hogwarts. Intrigue Sneak and Spy rolls will be needed to emerge from the trap door in Hogwarts without alerting Biffle or any of the other prefects or staff.

This incident may make them late bromstix luncheon, which could lead to punishment including a possible detention. Successful Athletics Running rolls will be needed to avoid this fate! After luncheon, it is their first lesson of the school year. He seems surprised and a little unsure himself of teaching such powerful magic to such young students, but makes the best of it. In the first part of the lesson, by way of introduction he makes everyone laugh by turning into a clown, a tiny dragon and then a cuddly dinosaur, to show his amazing powers.

He is a good teacher and makes the lessons enjoyable. During the lesson though, Dr Thrimbleton knocks loudly on the door. When she enters, she quiets the class and says she has an announcement:. As a result, tomorrow morning your class is going on a trip by steamship to Pilcantor Island, one of the smaller Channel Islands, to study an extinct volcano there called Mount Teradom.