B&W’s flagship CM9 is the pick of an impressive new range. Back to the days when Bowers and Wilkins simply called itself B&W, the but now there are four stereo pairs, of which this £1, per pair CM9 is the largest. B&W CM9 Speakers (Pair) from Superfi. Good looking and great Bowers and Wilkins’ CM9 speakers are stylish high performance free standing speakers.

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The main test amplifier was a Krell fBi, which can deliver watts per channel without breaking a sweat, which is more than sufficient horsepower for any reasonable use. The CM9 doesn’t need to be driven hard to perform well and it will cope with more power for longer should it be required and when the amplifier allows.

Two years after starting this site I finally get around to talking about my stereo. Recommended System Finder – Just in time for the Holidays! If I come to talk about finishing, I can say it is very spectacular.

Also, the mid and upper bass region was too prominent. Revel Concerta2 F36 Loudspeaker Review.

B&W CM9 WG Floor Standing Speakers

We are not in the register of beautiful divas overbuilt the top of the segment, but still, we no longer mind cheap registry entry. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: In addition, the product offers a sensitivity of 89 dB and watt peak v&w handling capability. In track eight part II of Nebojsa Zivkovic’s Tales from the centre of the earth the music has a tremendously exciting rhythmic pulse and here the CM9 brings a powerfully tactile quality and bite to the proceedings.

Vanatoo’s new speaker, The Transparent Zero review is up! Cmm9 next best approach employs a vertically oriented midrange and tweeter that are flanked by one or more woofers. Mike came and picked my sorry ass up and we got down the road to the destination. It’s time to plug it on a terminal that I look good, supporting the bi-wiring, and go. I don’t want to say this was a &bw trip, Random Dude was a really cool guy and the gear looked pretty fancy, but this was a wasted trip.


Random Dude’s B&W CM9 / Emotiva Rig

Please pay attention to the last photo. Of course, this is provided that the added pieces subwoofer, center channel, and surrounds handle their jobs without mucking up the total sound. Bose Soundbar Black Brand New! Declare independence from the British sound! You also get carpetpiercing spikes and hard, round-section feet as an alternative, with enough adjustment available in each case to take care of uneven flooring.

This is the price excluding shipping and handling fees a seller has provided at which the same item, or one that is nearly identical to it, is being offered for sale or has been offered for sale in the recent past. A perfect location of every &bw seems, however, be his forte. Sony HT-Z9F – 3. Leave this field blank. I listened for hours without fatigue.

Missing, again, one last bit of openness and that v&w feeling of something which we can reach out and touch her. Against Hint of colouration in some amplifier hook-ups Some transparency that requires clean-sounding electronics.

But it is clear that it is doing totally fine.

Bowers & Wilkins CM9 – £1, – Loudspeakers

Veneers are correct, a little less sensitive than the most sensitive of bw lot, but will still be gaffer. Bose Floor-Standing Tower Speakers. This ostensibly prevents the waves from reflecting back down the cone where they can produce distortion.

This tweeter makes high frequency noise, and the midrange doubles as a bullet proof vest. Our Verdict Refined floorstander hits almost all the right spots on the button. At the visual level, Madame throws if you’ll pardon the expression.

The foam ring is said to match the mechanical impedance of the cone better than a conventional surround. When it comes n&w to it, the investment he made in speakers can be seen but not heard. Especially since the competition is tough in this sector.

But it was not very far either.

It transmits much energy, is particularly at ease when it features the percussion sticks well to the sourceit has performed rather tidy and very detailed, rather than melodic and fluid.

The bass is perceptibly warm when we used it without the foam ring or plug in the reflex port they’re supplied separately, with the advice to use them if the speakers are placed close to the wall behind. Log in Become a member. Generally the bass breathes better and gives a greater impression of differentiation in the depth plane, if some space is left behind the speaker and the foam is not used.


Log in or register to post comments. The Kevlar FST midrange unit plays a part here by boosting energy in the middle and upper midband, the region just below where the tweeter takes over. It is not my first encounter with the little English and integrated I could take a step back on listening. To put it in context, the CM range — which slots between the series and the highend s — started life as a single model, the CM1, an impressive quality compact which made up for its lack of cubic inches with better-than-average bass extension for the size and necessarily low sensitivity as a result.

This reviewer is not very enthusiastic about the silvery rings around the drivers, or the fact that the larger units have different colour cones for the midrange and bass they use different materialsbut the speakers are supplied with ultra-slim grills that attach magnetically to the front and effectively cover the working parts, without significantly detracting from the sound.

Bowers and Wilkins’ CM speaker range has recently been augmented by four new models: For example, they are fitted with longer voice coils and bigger magnets which translate into greater power and less distortion. The speaker does offer a wide listening window, which is not just limited to a point immediately between the two speakers. A slight restraint in the acute and medium prevented me, however, give the word “absolute realism” to this combination.

The speakers were located a minimum of cm feet from any nearby walls. But already at a low to medium volume, the sound is good. The quality of this photo is my artistic representation of the sound in this room.