Now you can actually look ten years younger in ten hours. Callan Pinckney, author of the revolutionary best-selling exercise book Callanetics (a perennial New. Callan Pinckney, the creator of Callanetics, gives a full hour of clear, complete instructions on how to perform every movement in this 30 minute beginner’s. Keep looking 10 years younger with the advanced version of the deep-muscle exercise that gives you a perfect figure – even faster! Callanetics was only the.

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See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. No trivia or quizzes yet. They were explorers and adventurers and even helped draft the Constitution of United States.

Other countries soon followed the success achieved in Scotland.

I promise you, you will feel ten years younger in ten hours. I love anything callanegics keeps me from going under the knife! Callan Pinckney born as Barbara Biffinger Pfeiffer Pinckney September 26, — March 1, was an American fitness professional known for her Callanetics exercises.

Her thoughts were that if she was to be in constant pain she may as well look good. From here teachers were trained and licences were given for studios across the country.

Violet rated it really liked it Oct 03, December Learn how and when to remove this template message. She was keen to preserve and enhance her original exercises in the purest possible way.


Pinckney died on March 1, in Savannah, Georgia. I’m calanetics through a massive 80s phase at the moment, so this book was right up my alley. It became another number one bestseller. After two years of college, Pinckney went to BremerhavenWest Germany.

With her passion for Callanetics reignited, Pinckney ensured that her legacy would continue and be preserved for future generations.

This advanced program pinvkney promoted as the supercharged follow up to the original best-selling video.

Callan Pinckney is one of my most admired women. Return to Book Page. These people look like they’ve had plastic surgery to lift and firm, but all they’ve done is these exercises.

Subscribe on the website and use your same sign-in details to access the apps. Fit Foreverthe book addressed many middle-aged concerns from dieting and nutrition to menopause and stress. Cllan, designed specifically to target upper body, midsection, and of course, legs, hips and rear plus unique stretching techniques are part of every program. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The laws on property usage made it virtually impossible to find a space where fitness instruction was legally allowed.

Without a work permit, the only jobs she could callanetis were hard manual labour. In Pinckney arrived home. With all the recent weight loss, I noticed my arms are callandtics flabby– like old lady arms!


Never to be defeated, she set about restoring her body and finding a way to alleviate the pain that was constant in her back and knees. So, what has this got to do with Callanetics? They drove out to the Dead Sea where her Knight, whose name was Salhi, cleansed her wounds and calmed her soul.


A string of press followed and her enthusiasm soon rubbed off on the British. She included an in-depth callaneticx at the Callanetics principles and presented an entire eating plan developed with Ellen M. She found ways to protect her back and increase the effectiveness of different exercises.

One of the first stops on her journey was India. These controlled, miniscule, tiny movements are the predominant, most noticeable difference when comparing Callanetics to other conventional exercise programs.

There is even a similarity in appearance.

Callanetics by Callan Pinckney

Sleeping in it meant she could save money to prolong her travels. It is this pulsing action, combined with exact positioning and proper body alignment, which makes Callanetics so effective.

The following year was another busy one for Pinckney. It was a slow and painful process but Pinckney was determined to rebuild her body before she returned home to the United States.

It was teaching that she loved. For nearly a year Callan travelled across Europe. The Callanetics exercises were so unique and effective but it would take her another year of exhausting promotions before she would really get people to sit up calllan notice.