Story,” from First French Kiss, by Adam Bagdasarian, create an assessment by . “Carrots” by Adam Bagdasarian from First French Kiss and Other Traumas. The First French Kiss by Adam Bagdasarian, is a collection of stories about a boy named William. Two stories in book, “Carrots” and “My Side of. Mandatory Texts: “Going Steady” by Adam Bagdasarian. “Carrots” by Adam Bagdasarian. “Always Running” by Luis Rodriguez. How does the author start the .

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You Rmoney this is nothing to do with money, business and success.

Do a careful summary of the story Carrots. The chapter where Will finds out that his father has died is some of the most beautiful writing I have read recently.

This is our mentor text for readers’ workshop.


Some of the stories are funny, and some sad, but the writing is so good. Aug 13, Christina rated it really liked it. The experince of love and rejections.

I gazed at Sean nagdasarian the rest of the popular boys in bewildered admiration. The vocabulary and sentence structure is a bit over-the-heads of younger elementary students, and the title is a bit provocative. How do characters grow and change as people? Open Preview See a Problem? You will have the whole period to complete the assessment.



Character traits are revealed through how a character responds to an event or circumstance in the story. The author Adam Bagdasarian shows how the relationships between a father and son can be complicated.

In many ways, this is what makes William a compelling character. However as the book progresses, the narrator who seems very immature at the beginning of the book, comes of age as does his cafrots. It gave very personal recounts of growing up. It is a compelling “memoir” of sorts that catapults you directly into the mind of an adolescent male.

First French Kiss: And Other Traumas by Adam Bagdasarian

In many ways, this is what makes William a compelling character. I think this is a good book, just not very relate-able for me. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It is this relationship that reveals William to be meek and self-doubting. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. And the sameness enraged me because there was no escape from it, no alternative to it, nothing to do but sleep and submit.


Quote a part of the text as evidence include the page number Evidence and reasoning 2 paragraphs to describe what is revealed about the character. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Though I only stood twenty yards away from the heart of the kingdom, I felt a thousand miles removed from the rank and prestige of its citizens. Days like balls of gum.

The book has many differnt stories of a teenager boy.

Writing in the first person bagdasagian himself, Mr. He doubts himself and feels bad about himself. Adam Bagdasarian really captures junior high and all its pain. But I will admit, the author being the son of the guy who created ‘Witch Doctor’ and ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ was pretty damn cool.

First French Kiss: And Other Traumas

Describe what is revealed about the character. Years and years of days. Explain your catrots, including evidence from the text.