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The type-approval authority shall within 30 working days declare its approval or disapproval of the plan of remedial measures. The manufacturer shall be authorised, under the supervision of the approval authority, to carry out checks, even of a destructive nature, on those vehicles with emission catlogue in excess of the limit values with a view to establishing possible causes of deterioration which cannot be attributed to the manufacturer e. Languages, formats and link to OJ. Such information shall include in particular, the following:.

The repair shall be done expediently, within a reasonable time after cataolgue of the vehicle. Work units are important technical repair and maintenance brossehte for independent operators. A brief description of the system which the manufacturer uses to assure an adequate supply of component or systems for fulfilling the remedial action. Where both access systems are offered by manufacturers, independent repairers shall choose a preferred access system, either time-based or transaction-based.

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Annex XI is amended as follows: The average of in-use-performance ratios IUPR M of all selected vehicles for each monitor according to points 3. This procedure shall be used to verify the in-service conformity requirements for the type 1 test.

This plan shall be approved by the approval authority before it is implemented Phase 5. OJ L The manufacturer shall supply appropriate technical documentation to the type-approval authorities in this respect.


Clear and bright, visibly free of suspended or precipitated contaminants. The approval authority shall not accept any deficiency request that includes the complete lack of a required diagnostic monitor or of mandated recording and reporting of data related to a monitor. A description of the proper maintenance or use, if any, which the manufacturer stipulates as a condition of eligibility for repair under the plan of remedial measures, and an explanation of the reasons why the manufacturer imposes any such condition.

This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. For monitors required to meet the in-use monitor performance ratio and to track and report ratio data pursuant to point 3. A copy of all instructions to be sent to those persons who are to perform the repair.

Expand all Collapse all. This Appendix sets out the criteria referred to in Section 4 regarding the selection of vehicles for testing and the procedures for the in-service conformity control. The denominator, as defined in points 3.

Each sample lot shall adequately represent the sales pattern, i. The manufacturer shall be consulted on the choice of the vehicles in the sample and allowed to attend the confirmatory checks of the vehicles.

The information gathered by the manufacturer shall be sufficiently comprehensive to ensure that in-service performance can be assessed for normal conditions of use.

There shall have been no unauthorised major repair to the engine or major repair of the vehicle.

Pre-conditioning cycles additional to those specified in points 5. Manufacturers shall establish fees for hourly, daily, monthly, annual and per-transaction access to their repair and 2011 information websites, which are reasonable and proportionate.

Plates-formes techniques

The test may be rerun and the results of that repaired vehicle used. In particular, the Forum shall advise the Commission on the introduction of a process for approving and authorising independent operators by accredited organisations to access information on vehicle security.

The in-service family may be defined by basic design parameters which shall be common to vehicles within the family. Chapter 13 Volume P.


Terms and conditions of access i. CO 2 emissions and fuel consumption. When a family requires more than one sample lot to be tested as defined in point 3. Crankcase emissions Type 3 brosxette. Access to vehicle security features used by authorised dealers and repair shops shall be made available to independent operators under protection of security technology according to the following requirements: For specific components or systems that have multiple monitors, which are required to be reported by this point e.

Where vehicle repair and maintenance records are kept in a central data base of the vehicle manufacturer or on its behalf, independent repairers, approved and authorised as required in point 2.


Article 6 is amended as follows: The criteria for acceptance of a selected vehicle are defined for tailpipe emissions in points 2. A copy of the information transmitted to the vehicle owner.

It shall also be monitored for any failure that would result in exceeding the applicable OBD threshold limits. Where it is necessary to clarify whether fuel meets the requirements of the specifications, the ISO terms shall be applied.

The identification shall include the following: The manufacturer shall compile all catalohue information needed brossett comply with the requirements of this Annex. The manufacturer shall demonstrate to the approval authority and, upon request, to the Commission that these statistical conditions are satisfied for all monitors required to be reported by the OBD system according brosseette point 3. Notwithstanding this procedure, which is necessary for technical reasons, fuel manufacturers shall aim for a zero value where the stipulated maximum value is 2R and for the mean value for quotations of maximum and minimum limits.