of the content of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? Two Comprehensive Plans Mandated by the Local CLUP Guidebook Volume 2. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT HLURB would like to acknowledge the assistance of the following in the preparation of this Guide given their active. VOLUME 2: CLUP – ZONING ORDINANCE | ii. Table of Contents. Municipal as provided for in the Ordinance. CLUP Guidebook Volume 3.

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Unemploy-ment Rate, Total and Sex Total number of unemployed persons expressed as a percent of the total number of persons in the labor force, total or by sex Refers to the total family income received in cash or in kind realized by all families in the area divided by the total number of families in the same area The percentage of the population who can read and write a simple message in any language or dialect classified by sex National, regional, provincial, key cities Quarterly Oct.

The model is enhanced to be consistent with the strategic approach to planning where the Vision serves as the overriding direction to achieve the desired quality of life. Where the population is closed, meaning no migration, the volumw of natural increase is the same as the population growth rate.

The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

Obtain the latest household population 15 years and over by sex and employment status. A quick way to estimate doubling time is to divide The population pyramid of the Philippines guidebok a broad base, that is, a very large proportion of population belongs to younger age groups. Population Distribution Describe the distribution of population in the locality focusing on: This is obtained by dividing the male population by the female population then multiplied by School age population and the enrollment participation ratios are also derived from population composition characteristics.


Determine and discuss the levels of population concentration in the locality, barangays or built-up areas using working Table 2. These outcomes or results, in turn affect the population processes at the beginning of planning exercise.

CLUP Guidebook Volume 2 – [PDF Document]

If projection by single year is available, use the same to facilitate computation. Urbanization guidebopk and density levels are also derived from population distribution patterns. Fill in your details below or click an volune to log in: The infant mortality rates that we get from the vital registration simply measures number of infant deaths over number of births.

Thus, they also affect development process as well as environment outcomes. It is constructed by five-year age group.

Guidebooks and Frameworks

Here is a country that had low fertility for some time, reflected in a smaller pyramid base. Refer to Table 8.

Based on guifebook said example, the population was growing at the rate of 2. Annual Population Growth Rate The pace at which the popn is increasing or decreasing during a given period on a yearly basis expressed as a percentage of the basic population National, regional, provincial, city, municipality Every 10 years Census of Population and Housing CPHNSO34Indicator 6.

The old-age dependency ratio is the ratio of population aged 65 and over to the population aged multiplied guideboik Literacy Rate Literacy rate is the percentage of the population who have at least completed a year in elementary education to the population seven years old and over.

Dependency burdens or dependency ratios can roughly be defined by looking at the proportion of the population normally considered dependents relative to the working age. It also serves as a guide for allocating land for various uses.


Guidebooks and Frameworks | HLURB

As we said, as fertility declines, the age structure changes such that the proportion of population aged 65 and over increases. RNI is calculated as follows: It is crude because it masks the effect of mortality on the population at different ages.

Approved this 7th day of Januaryin Pasig City. The basic data on population can be derived from NSO census publications.

Follow these steps using the same data in Sample Working Table 1 above: The graph usually depicts the male and female populations separately. For example, population pressure on natural resources can contribute to deforestation, erosion and degradation of the environment, which affect productive capacities, hence, the availability of goods and services.

Rural population refers to population residing in rural barangays as classified by the NSO. Population density is considered in planning water supply, drainage sewerage and energy systems since the concentration of potential consumers is ideal for the construction of physical facilities guidebiok as pipelines and transmission lines.

Compare the guidebopk and rural household population distribution in the study area. Changes in age-specific fertility rates can easily be shown by calculating age-specific fertility for different years Table 4. The PR or ratio when applied to projected population will provide disaggregated projections such as population per barangay, dependent population, labor force population, population per guideboko group, and others as may be needed for planning purposes.