With Darren Aronofsky still attached as director, Frank Miller produced a screenplay entitled Batman Year One. Miller and Aronofsky found that. Batman Begins was, in fact, preceded by other attempts to dramatize Batman’s origins, both on film and on television. In , one production. Was a chapter released in. The serial starred as Batman and as Robin. Played the villain, an original character named Dr. Rounding out the.

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Year Onea movie written by Frank Miller and directed by Darren Aronofsky, was the chief candidate. The project was scrapped just after the first draft’s completion, though.


Year One Concept Art Surfaces. We’re not building Gotham.

The Batmobile — I wanted to be a Lincoln Continental with two bus engines in it. Aronofsky continued to explain his vision for the Batmobile, and how he planned on reinventing the story of Bruce Wayne. Which is fine, you write these ideas and they get out.

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We were all about reinventing it and trying to make it more Taxi Driver visceral. That was the whole pitch. But the toy people were like, “Oh it can’t be a Lincoln Continental, you have to make a Batmobile.

He was able to get the darkness in, and the psychology of the character, yet he was still able to give the gizmo thing, which I wasn’t ever really scipt in. Miller Reveals Scirpt Warner Bros.

Batamn will next appear, played by Ben Affleck, in Warner Bros. The upcoming Batman movie does not have an official release date at this time, although a release seems likely.

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