This Denon AVC-A1SR Receiver has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 6 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. The Denon AVC1SR delivers the highest processing power ever offered in any AV component. The AVC-A1SR incorporates two of the new. Sadly, I doubt you’d get much more than £ for an A1SR these days, outputs of the Oppo to the External Decoder Inputs of the Denon.

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Sep 27, at 2: Jul 1, Messages: What’s a realistic figure for one of these nowadays? Both fully working and in very good condition with boxes, manuals and remotes. Post 10 by JaseSep 27, 1 points. Sep 27, a1st 4: JaseSep 27, Mar 16, Messages: Shame, as it’s a great AV Amp.

Thanks for the reply fella, figured it wouldn’t be a huge amount. If I keep it, can I connect an Oppo to it? Fully understand that the amp won’t support HDMI but will I get full sound capability if I connect with optical or coax? That’s a bit of a faff as it’s six or eight extra cables. Figured that would be the case! Been looking at an RX-A Like x 1 List.

Denon AVC-A1SR 7 Channel Watt Receiver | eBay

Sep 27, at 5: Me neither so wondering if I should do before placing an order. Sep 27, at 6: Am I reading caution between your lines? Sep 27, at 7: Sep 27, at 9: Thanks for your input bud, appreciate it. The other decision I need to make is if I need an Oppo or go for something like the Panasonic Tv isn’t 4k so not sure for me the Oppo is worth the extra spend.


Sep 27, at Joe FernandSep 27, Jan 20, Messages: Is there a reason you want to update the AVR? Sep 28, at 1: Sep 28, at 5: Joe FernandSep 28, Sep 28, at 6: There is no HDMI input on my amplifier as you have identified.

Denon AVC-A1SR Receiver

However in my opinion waiting for the “next thing” when it comes to electronics is not a valid argument. Having said that I am so confused by whats available that I’m fast drawing the conclusion to stick with what I have!!

Auditioning a is not possible as there is nowhere local to me that has one, am I right in thinking that it is superceded by the ? Sep 28, at 9: Agreed that waiting can sometimes be a fruitless exercise – just seems with the age of your AVR and a new HDMI standard being so close wvc waiting until models are released is not that long a wait.

Sep 29, at Joe FernandSep 29, Sep 29, at 3: Ah, that is what Jase was reffering to earlier then, I misunderstood. Sep 29, at 4: JaseSep 29, Sep 29, at 5: So best places to get cables from these days? Would be nice if I can get 0. Sep 29, at 6: Sep 29, at 8: Mark-Grant or drop me a note – we can make them up at whatever length you require using VanDamme cable.


Thanks all for the input. Just got to make a decision on player now. Really not sure if the Oppo is worth it for on the grounds I don’t have a 4K panel, need multi region though. Sep 30, at Joe FernandSep 30, Sep 30, at 1: Sod it then, looks like a somewhere has my name on it, although I much prefer the look of the Definately don’t want to be spending that kind of money though because I need a new competition aeroplane for next year.

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Denon AVC-A1SR 7 Channel 225 Watt Receiver

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