Editorial Reviews. Review. ” Westerhoff’s commentary is lucid, philosophically engaging, and included ample references for the serious student of Indian or. The Dispeller of Disputes This page intentionally left blank The Dispeller of Disputes N¯ag¯arjuna’s Vigrahavy¯avar. The Dispeller of Disputes – Nagarjuna’s Vigrahavyavartani — translated and commented by Jan Westerhoff · A short work by the.

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It is a phenomenon that only arises based on external and some perceptual factors, and would not otherwise exist. The conclusion to be drawn from all these lists is that there are some objects which the Buddhist himself regards as auspicious or inauspicious.

Instead of telling us in detail how this is supposed to work how does perception itself tell me djspeller is an epistemic instrument?

It it quoted frequently in the Buddhist commentarial literature,26 though the uses disoeller which it is put are very diverse. For how could a wholly insubstantial thesis be effective as an argument against any philosophical proposition?

Dispeller of Disputes

There are two ways in which we can interpret this suggested reply, one straightforward and less satisfactoryone somewhat more sophisticated. There would be the establishment of the established, because what is not established does not depend on another thing. The negation of substance is established by this method.

Disputfs the negation expresses is the fact that these referents are not combined in the situation under discussion. And because it is dependently arisen, therefore it is empty of substance. This being so, instruments and epistemic objects are in fact disutes for you. Moreover, it is clear from his statements above that he does not deny the existence of auspicious and inauspicious mental states, such as suffering. But if this is what the opponent thinks, it is unclear what the purpose of the entire debate is.


Jan Westerhoff, The Dispeller of Disputes: Nagarjuna’s Vigrahavyavartani – PhilPapers

For this reason, assuming Disputws someone argued that the son is to be produced diputes the father because if the father did not exist, the son would not exist, eitherbut that the father is also produced by the son since if the son did not exist, that man would not be a father. The object is then subsequently touched by light, and thereby becomes visible to us. There is a contradiction by the example.

See also Arnold Nagarjuna is never an easy read at the Write a customer review.

The Dispeller of Disputes

The example of a deceptive appearance the opponent uses is that of a mirage. All explanatory notes, discussions of variant readings and so forth have been left to the commentary.

Thus ultimately the truth of emptiness could not be established, even if it obtained, since some epistemic instruments would be necessary for its establishment. Because there is no substance, where then does your reason come from? Emptiness and Reasons [17—19, 68] This diaputes is a variation on a now-familiar theme. The negation uttered by the guide, saying that there is no water in the mirage, undoubtedly exists and constitutes the reason why the travelers do not rush toward it to quench their thirst.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. And I trusted these because I trusted still others on the day before. But this response has the unwelcome consequence that we now have a hard time explaining why lighting a candle in my room does not remove the darkness in the room next door, but only the darkness immediately surrounding it.


We can only speculate about how he might want to do dispuets, but an obvious idea would be to claim that both the auspicious mental states of a Buddha as well as the inauspicious mental states are already fully present in our mind but obscured by other factors. I also left out the formulaic phrases connecting some of the verses dispues. There is no decisive way of settling which way of interpreting the verse is the right one.

For there is no name whatsoever without a referent. It has to be borne in mind, however, that the au.

Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: The absence of substantially existent epistemic instruments entails that there can be no argument for emptiness which works in all contexts. Even if there is no water in the mirage, what is perceived as water the bent light rays cannot dispelle illusory, too.

Because there are no such fruits, there is no religious practice. Alternatively, we could assume that epistemic instruments are supported by other epistemic instruments of the same kind.

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