Posts about disproving christianity written by davidgmcafee. 57 quotes from David G. McAfee: ‘If there is a Creator-God, it has used methods of creation that are indistinguishable from nature, it has declined to make itself. He has authored numerous secular books including “Disproving Christianity”, ” Mom, Dad, I’m an Atheist: The Guide to Coming out as a.

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The second one begins when you realize you only have one.

Be the first to learn about new releases! Something to whet the appetite I hope: To pilfer a great quote by Chaim Potok, if our arguments cannot go out into dislroving world of scholarship and come back stronger, then we are all fools and charlatans.

A Must Read!!!!

This site uses cookies. I believe that helping those who are indoctrinated into religion when they were too young to know better escape those confines is also a reason to continue secular activism. Originally conceived as a joint presentation between influential thinker and best-selling author Richard Dawkins and former evangelical preacher Dan Christianiyy, this unique book provides an investigation into what may be the most unpleasant character in all fiction. I studied up on their religion first, attending church services sporadically and reading the Bible in my free time.

David G. McAfee

Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. This book answers all of those questions and more! Give as a gift.


Information about shipping policies for other countries can be found here: Most Helpful Most Recent. As we will see in this review, the kind of extremely simplistic and all too frequently shallow interaction with the weakest brand mccafee Christianity one can muster is precisely the kind of arguments that Nicholas dedicates so much of his time to removing from the his fellow skeptics.

Christianity and other Secular Writings. This is a man truly out of his depth.

This bout of religious discrimination spawned a grievance against the school, a letter-writing campaign on my behalf, and eventually an apology letter from the department of Religious Studies. Payment and Delivery Information.

To the point and hard to dispute. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Or is it a jumble of fanciful myths? I christiaity faith in the Torah. David does a fantastic job presenting the material in an objective, balanced way. Unlike some books critical of the Bible, this one never bogs down in mind-numbing detail or becomes too complex for laypersons. The most common argument, however, is the argument of irreducible complexity or the argument for design.

I will be sharing his book and promoting it for many years to mcafew, it is my sincere hope that he does not simply stop here however.

Dawkins, The God Delusion 2 nd edition, p. They are also forgetting about deadly natural disasters, diseases, harsh seasons, cancer-causing sun rays, etc.

Investigating Myths, Cults, and the Supernatural and several other books. Christian Evangelism is a common practice in the United States and throughout the world. I would never encourage an atheist to avoid the Bible, for example, out of fear that its strong arguments might compel that chrietianity to believe.


Interview With David G. Mcafee – Atheist Parents: Parenting Without Belief

Morrison Interview With David G. Nailed sheds light on ten beloved Christian myths, and, with evidence gathered from historians across the theological spectrum, shows how they point to a Jesus Christ created solely through allegorical alchemy of hope and imagination; a messiah transformed from a purely literary, theological construct into the familiar figure of Jesus – in short, a purely mythic Christ. Seth Andrews Narrated by: In anticipation of a book that we are working on together that will be a dialogue on various issues regarding both Atheistic Naturalism and Christian Theism, we agreed that it would be beneficial to release an updated version of his second edition bundled with my book length review.

I told my parents as early as I knew I could articulate my lack of belief. AP David, can you give any advice to parents who are raising atheist children? InConvit was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his anti-leprosy vaccine. Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings compiles popular and lesser-known arguments against the principles established by the Christian canon.