EIKI LC-XB43N projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Buy EIKI LC-XB43 XGA – 3LCD – Lumens Brilliant Series Projector, 4, content delivery, consider the XGA LC-XB43N or WXGA/p LC-WB42NA. Buy Powerwarehouse Eiki LC-XB43N Projector Lamp replacement by Powerwarehouse – Premium Powerwarehouse Replacement Lamp: Lamps.

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Philips Bare Lamp for EIKI Lc-xb43n / Lcxb43n Projector DLP LCD Bulb | eBay

Features and Design This Multimedia Projector is designed with the most advanced technology for portability, durability, and ease of use. This projector utilizes built-in multimedia features, a palette of Table of Contents Features and Design. To the Owner Before installing and operating this projector, read this Safety Precaution manual thoroughly. Safety Instructions All the safety and operating instructions should be read Do not install the projector near the ventilation duct of before the product is operated.

Read all of the instructions given here and retain them This projector should be operated only from the type for later use. Safety Instructions Moving the Projector Air Circulation When moving the projector, close the slide shutter and Openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation. To retract adjustable feet to prevent damage to the lens ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it and cabinet.

Improper positioning may reduce the lamp life and result in severe accident or fire hazard. This projector can project the picture upward, downward or backward, perpendicular to the plane of the screen as shown in the figure below. Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless otherwise specified in the instructions.

If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. High temperature from light beam may damage slide shutter and result in fire hazard. Press the lid Two AAA size batteries downward and slide it. The signal emission indicator lights red and the red laser beam is emitted. If the LASER button is pressed for more than one minute or if it is released, the laser light goes off.

Part Names and Functions wireless Mouse Operation The remote control can be used as a wireless mouse for your computer.

Installation Positioning the Projector For projector positioning, see the eimi below. The projector should be set perpendicularly to the plane of the screen. It is recommended to limit ambient lighting in order to obtain the best image.

It is designed to work with single-phase power systems having a grounded neutral conductor. To reduce the risk of electrical shock, do not plug into any other type of power system. Open the slide shutter see pages 9, The number changes to. The menus have a hierarchical structure, with a main menu that is divided into submenus, which are further divided into other submenus.

For each adjustment MENU button and setting procedure, refer to respective sections in this manual. Rotate the Lc-bx43n Ring to adjust the focus of the image. The volume dialog box appears on the screen for a few seconds. Basic Llc-xb43n Remote Control Operation Using the remote control for some frequently used operations is advisable. Just pressing one of the buttons enables you to make the desired operation quickly without calling up the On-Screen Menu.


No show disappears after 4 seconds. Before using these buttons, correct lc-xb43 source should be selected through Menu operation as described below. If a computer is selected as a signal source, this projector automatically detects the signal format and tunes to project a proper image without any additional settings.

Signal formats provided in this projector are shown on pages One of the following messages may appear when: The projector can not recognize the connected Computer Input Manual PC adjustment Some computers ieki special signal formats which may not be tuned by Multi-scan system of this projector. lc–xb43n

Manual PC adjustment enables you to precisely adjust several parameters to match those signal formats. The projector has five independent memory areas to store those parameters manually adjusted. It allows you to recall the setting for a specific computer. A confirmation box appears and then select yes.

All adjustments will return to their previous figures. Lc-cb43n data can be called up by selecting an Image 1—4 in the Image Mode Selection on wiki Computer Input Custom Custom Adjust the screen scale and eikki manually with this function. Video Input Screen Size Adjustment This projector has the picture screen resize function, which enables you to customize the image size. Setting Setting This projector has a Setting menu that allows you to set up Setting Menu the other various functions described below.

Eiki LC-XB43N Projector

Settings for those functions can be altered as follows: Input search This function detects the input signal automatically. Setting Keystone This function is used to adjust keystone distortion of the Keystone projected image. Corner correction Adjust the corner distortion of the projected image. Show oc-xb43n input image instead of the countdown when turning on the projector. Use this function when you want to project the image as early as possible even when the lamp is not bright enough.

Setting Capture This function enables you to capture an image being Capture projected to use it for a starting-up display or interval of presentations. A confirmation box appears and select yes to capture the projected image. When using the remote control as a mouse control, set this option. When using “USB display” function, set this option. The image and sound are sent to the projector by connecting the computer to the projector with a USB cable.

Setting Power management For reducing power consumption as well as maintaining Power management the lamp life, the Power management function turns off the No signal projection lamp when the projector is not operated for a Select one of the following options: Siki On start When this function is set to On, the projector will be automatically turned on just by connecting the AC power cord to a wall outlet.

Eiki LC-XB43N XGA Data/Video Projector

Be sure to turn lc-xb4n the projector properly see “Turning Off the Projector” on page If the projector is turned off in the incorrect sequence, the On start function does not work properly. Setting Lamp control This function allows you to change brightness of the screen.


Brighter than the Normal mode. Lower brightness reduces the lamp power consumption and extends the lamp life. Lamp mode can not be changed for a while after turning on the projector.

Key lock This function locks the top control and remote control buttons to prevent operation by unauthorized persons. Slower and lower-sound than the normal operation L1but it takes more time to cool the projector down. Setting Filter counter Filter counter This function is used to set a frequency for the riki cleaning. When the projector reached a specified time between cleanings, a Filter warning icon appears on the screen, notifying the cleaning is necessary.

After cleaning the filter, be sure to select Reset and set the timer. Information Input Source Information Display The Information Menu is used for checking the status of the image signal being projected and the operation of the projector. When the temperature inside the projector reaches a WARNING blinking red certain level, the projector will be automatically shut down to protect the inside of the projector. Maintenance and Cleaning Cleaning the Filters Filter prevents dust from accumulating on the optical elements inside the projector.

If a Filter warning icon appears on the screen, clean the lc-x4b3n immediately. Maintenance and Cleaning Slide Shutter Slide Shutter is provided to protect the surface of the lens against scratches and dirt. When you are not using the projector, close the Slide Shutter. To open or close, slide the Slide Shutter on the front of the ieki. When ordering a projection lamp, give the following information to the dealer.

Appendix Troubleshooting Before calling your dealer or service center for assistance, check the items below once again. Appendix — Check the connection between your computer or video equipment No image and the projector. Some laptop computers may need to change the setting for monitor output when connecting to a projector. Appendix — Check PC adjustment or Screen and adjust them. The image is distorted or runs off.

See pages Enter a PIN code “” or numbers start-up. See pages 22, High voltages are used to operate this projector. Do not attempt to open the cabinet. If problems still persist after following all operating instructions, contact the dealer where you eimi the projector or the service center.

Specify the model number and explain about the problem. We will advise you how to obtain service. Appendix Indicators and Projector Condition Check the indicators for projector condition. The AC power cord is unplugged. The projector is in stand-by mode. The projector is operating normally. When selecting these modes, PC adjustment can be limited.

When the input signal is Analogrefer to the chart below. Appendix When the input signal is digital from DVI terminal, refer to the chart below. If you forgot or lost the number and unable to operate the projector, contact the service station.