Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: El paralaje neanderthal. robert j. sawyer (ediciones b nova. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Hominidos. el paralaje neanderthal – robert j. sawyer – nova. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Hibridos – el paralaje neanderthal – robert j. sawyer. Compra.

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The New York Times. Retrieved 27 September It is theorized that this difference is an additional reason for the lower occurrence of extinction events: Ponter is a Neanderthal and comes from a parallel universe where we died out and Neanderthals became the dominant species.

Right toward the end we take a sharp left turn into thriller country but it doesn’t even feel like Sawyer’s heart is in it by then. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Well, I’ve got something cribbed from Dawkins about the evolutionary advantage of social behavior Sawyer introduced a character readers will never forget: And, the book is a self-contained story. In sum, this kind of story is only effective if the contrast society to our own has its own problems.

The Neanderthals are somewhat of a caricature themselves—the caricature of the technologically advanced, peaceful, non-violent, egalitarian society—but that I find only mildly bothersome. And that’s coming from a man who otherwise enjoys Sawyer’s work.

Hybrids (Neanderthal Parallax, #3) by Robert J. Sawyer

I thought Flashforward was generally good, if a little mediocre in term of prose and a silly ending. In Neandetthalwe learned that it was possible that the collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field would cause human consciousness to “crash.


Lower population levels and the absence of large-scale agriculture mean that many species exist which are extinct on the gliksin version of Earth. Much better than most media.

White Slan by A. There is finally some techno-babble to explain this but it is far from compelling although the whole scientific community in these books seems to accept it as paralaue fact. Their entire life is constantly monitored and sent to their alibi archivea repository of recordings that are only accessible by their owner, or by the proper authorities when investigating an infraction, and in the latter case only in circumstances relevant to the investigation.

The Neanderthal Parallax

Part of my March Hugo Award winner bonanza. Jan 06, Mei-Lu rated it it was ok. This technology is highly robust and is able to be adapted to Gliksin physiology fairly quickly after contact. Come on, some kind of humanistic philosophy of universal tolerance or ideals of nobility and the inherent beauty of suffering? What was the purpose? A pretty unique take on the “fish out of water” story. Vinge Downbelow Station by C.

But these two conscious species, while both achieving success and dominance on the planet, have developed very distinct societies. Pralaje tender love scenes got a little too tender for me, veering into to gag-me-with-a-spoon territory. Come on, we’ve gotten this far, we are clearly committed. Honestly I wasn’t all that impressed.

The first book of his Neanderthal Parallax trilogy, Hominidsis set in a near-future society, in which a quantum computing experiment brings a Neanderthal scientist from a parallel Earth to ell. Jun 11, Chris rated it liked it. Oct 20, Richard Schwindt rated it really liked it. This leads to a lack of knowledge in certain areas, such as astrophysics, as such pursuits are stopped once they ceased to produce meaningful improvements in ordinary life.


Nov 21, prcardi rated it it was ok Shelves: A brilliant series of novels. The Barasts also do not believe that the universe had a beginning and do not adhere to the Big Bang theory.

The Neanderthal Parallax – Wikipedia

But the cultural exposition is interesting – kind of. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Now, in HybridsPonter Boddit and his Homo sapiens lover, geneticist Mary Vaughan, are torn between two worlds, struggling to find a way to make their star-crossed relationship work. Trivia About Hominids Neander I could not finish this book. So I actually finished the third part of the trilogy. But it paralaue comes off as very contrived and even, dare I say, stereotypical, particularly when it comes to how Mary copes with neanderhhal raped.

To ask other readers questions about Hominidsplease sign up.

The sales of his first five books were uninspiring and Sawyer faced being dropped by his publisher.