Richard Rohr. Introduction. • Richard Rohr brings a Christian Perspective to the Enneagram, an ancient personality system. Rohr explains how Christians can. Ellen Krogh är skapare av Newhabit, en ny möjlighet för dig som söker ett alternativ till den konventionella missbruks behandlingen. Newh. I first encountered the Enneagram when I was a graduate student at a conservative seminary. While on a weekend retreat I came across a copy.

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T he Enneagram is enjoying a resurgence of interest today. Maybe a 4 with a 5 wing.

Definitely a 4 with a ennwagram wing. My reluctance to use the tool myself has had only to do with time, energy, and a general distaste for categories that confine and limit how we ourselves or others.

An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discoveryput robr way:. The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. Richard Rohr, author of The Enneagram: It has roots in several wisdom traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

But it was not until the late s that Oscar Ichazo began teaching the Enneagram as we know it today. Richard Rohr learned about the Enneagram from this group and was one of the first people to publish a book enneagram it in English.

The Enneagram gained popularity as a tool within spiritual direction. Today it is widely taught as a way of understanding personality, ennesgram, relationships, and vocation. It was developed primarily in an oral tradition, in the enneagra of relationships between students and teachers. I come out as a 4 the more we read and do tests. These Fours have found a way to live, for the most part, outside the pattern of shame and inferiority. They are deeply creative, emotionally honest and connected, and attuned to beauty.

Equanimity appreciating life just as it is Vice: To be uniquely themselves Further Reading: It feels oceanic, deep, unfathomable, mysterious. Then, following threads, I came upon a site that seemed helpful while lacking visual credibility, Personality Cafe. To a word, the page described my entire childhood experience. If you already know your Enneagram Type, let me know what it is in the comments below.

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective

You may want to consider doing a seminar or hosting one in your church. Ian Cron and Suzanne Enneagdam do them, and they can be found here. Also, you can receive a daily Enneagram thought for the day from The Enneagram Institute — sign up here. What Enneagram number are you, and how has the system helped you in your journey?

The Road Back To You: This approach to the Enneagram is clear, concise, and enjoyable to read. My wife and I are using this as a personal study to help us better understand ourselves and our children. This approach to the Enneagram is more psychological and academic in nature, but enneagran interesting and helpful.

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr

My wife and I will use this to enhance our understanding of the Enneagram from a broader perspective. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The subtypes are really important to understand because they explain vast differences between people of the same type.


The Social subtype finds identity in groups, the one-on-one or sexual subtype finds identity in close one-on-one relationships, and the self-preservation or self-pres subtype is in self-protection mode most of the time. Understanding that we are a primary type but also operate as a type in each of the other centers further helps us understand how we fixate and how we are trapped by personality.

Finally, understanding which type we move toward when we are healthy and which type we move toward when we are unhealthy is extremely helpful in seeing if we are growing or regressing. I am an INTJ in the MBTI which is somewhat helpful to know but the Enneagram actually gives direction for self-awareness and overcoming the negatives involved with our type.

I struggled with identifying my type. Which made sense to me. I often work hard, get things done. Like the applause of ofthers. Upon reading and investing in this season I most line up with a 7. My young adult self is almost entirely a seven. Optimistic, Funny, fun, often biting off more than I could chew and always planning to gather my friends and party hard.

Sometimes overwhelming people with my desire to always get together for our next adventure. But that 7w7 in me has been tamed a bit in parenting. But even the realization of this is freeing. Knowing that the pessimistic side that has come out lately is mostly likely just because of the stress of parenting 3 small children. Now when I recognize myself going down the path of pessimism and critical thinking I can breath and ask God to help me slow down and give thanks.

That was a novel. Just really into the enneagram lately and loving what that tool and the Lord are teaching me through the self discovery. So, getting outside of myself to consider all these aspects of me in a more objective and far less critical voice than my own has been a gift. The enneagram allows me to learn about who I am without that harsh critical tone to it that I have lived with my whole life…but rather with a very dispassionate, unbiased and factual tone that is freeing for me.

I can accept that I have weaknesses not because I have done things wrong or because I have failed, but because of who I am. And you do too, just different things. I hope that has made me a little more supportive and understanding. And I love that The Enneagram sees the gifts of an 8! Since I am married to an awesome, strong 8. In marriage, the Enneagram gives me grace and understanding for both of us, and inspires me to want to get better at helping each of us shiner brighter and bring ourselves to our world.

The Enneagram: An Introduction – Center for Action and Contemplation

But, you sure are making it sound like a great opportunity to grow by studying and taking the Enneagram test. My result will be a 1w2 if the numbers are supposed to be close to each other; otherwise a 1wAnything with 2 still being the likely second. I find the Enneagram really helpful both personally and in bringing more health and understanding to our teams.

When others on my pastoral team understand that, they are better equipped to help me chill out. From what I know about you, I can see some of the 5.


It sounds like your wife concurs. There are so many different shades of each type! That last one created such a sense of well-being and understanding within that I more fully embraced my number.

Instead of seeing it as my responsibility to change everything, I can now just notice what can be better and not be burdened with the need to take responsibility for it. A small, but significant shift. I was otherwise taking responsibility for everything that needed to be better which created much overwhelm. Our training company has conducted Enneagram seminars for years and found it to be an incredible communication tool from large corporations, small businesses and even in marriage counseling.

A wonderful way to self reflect and keep communication open with respect and safety. The first time I read about childhood for 4s I felt vindicated and understood, and was able to extend grace and care to myself. It meant so much! Envy is the vice for 4s, but not something I understood until one of the books expanded on the idea, using the word comparison instead.

It made me realize that reading different resources could be helpful. My favorite podcast on the Enneagram types is this one: The tool that has been the most helpful is the daily Enneathought sign up here: I kept testing as a 2, which sounded terrible, especially when compared to being a 4 — that sounds amazing to me!

I can see several factors contributing to the type 2 false test results: Spouse — turns out Jay is a 2! And I tend to meld into his stronger personality. Season- moms of young ones are immersed in a 2 life and 2 is a 4s stressor! The online tests ask if you find it hard to be happy for your friends who do well. Super happy for them. I am just now realizing how much of my internal dialogue revolves around envy.

The Enneagram is challenging me to work through this on a much deeper level. Not to mention the insights into our marriage, even after 13 years, which we are just beginning to unpack. It sounds like the Enneagram is providing a gift to everyone here and on Facebook. Cheers to self-awareness, and the fruit of living from your true self! Dan, Sometimes I love being a one but most of the time I hate it. Does that make sense? When I did the enneagram test I was a mixture of three numbers But upon reading the below paragraph, under the description of a 6, it was someone turned on the high beams on a dark country road.

Because of this reactivity, no matter what we say about Sixes, the opposite is often also as true. They are both strong and weak, orhr and courageous, trusting and distrusting, defenders and provokers, sweet and sour, aggressive and passive, bullies and weaklings, on the defensive and on the offensive, thinkers and doers, group people and soloists, believers and doubters, cooperative and obstructionistic, tender and mean, generous and petty—and on and on.

I was given a gift of clarity and a path towards understanding that I could follow.