FADE IN: From Idea to Final Draft. The Writing of. Star Trek: Insurrection by. Michael It’s clear Michael Piller wanted this book read, so we felt that making it. An inside look at the writing process of Star Trek: Insurrection. From concept to final film script. Sandra Piller just posted on Facebook, “I am so excited to announce the publication of my late husband Michael Piller’s book Fade In: The.

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Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek: Insurrection

However, it does not reflect any dissatisfaction that I mxking with the final product. Jun 18, Location: It is also a fitting tribute to the man who had a huge impact in making the Star Trek that we love It plays like an episode of Trekbut on the big screen.

Because Star Tr I haven’t read a book this bad in a long time. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Fade In: The Making of Star Trek – Insurrection – TrekToday

I hope whoever reads it enjoys learning about Michael’s personal experience in this process of writing and rewriting, and the meetings and the throwing it out and starting ni again. It’s rare to find a book about a movie that did just middlin’ at the box office and isn’t one touted as a favorite by most people.


Eric Stillwell was Michael’s right-hand man from the time of the TV series through Insurrection and longer. This is not the big book about a big movie Casablanca, Citizen Kane, or Porky’s 2 but what it is is a great behind the scenes look at just making a Hollywood studio movie.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But he felt it was a good story and a good movie. Sometimes it has to fit page restrictions, or match someone else’s sensibilities, but if it is to go forward there have to be compromises.

I’ll be talking my review on an upcoming trek. I remember when this book was first “leaked” to the internet, via a manuscript that showed up on Trek-related sites ihsurrection and disappeared just as quickly, shut down by the braintrust at Paramount due to a perceived series of “slights” against them.

Digital copies don’t cost much to keep in stock.

Both dedicated makinh men and, might I say, two gifted wives. ToskJul 30, What does the hero lose if he loses? View all 3 comments.

Our good friend Susan Nicoletti worked tirelessly to help this dream come true. It would have loved to get to hear about Insurrection first hand, but not at that price. Wow, that price just killed any interest I had in reading it. I found it a fun and informative read. Ttek needn’t have worried.

The cost is upfront. Joseph rated it really liked it Aug 02, It seemed to be easier to write the book than the movie, as he had been there before. She also disclosed why the book, being “brutally honest” as she has put it, was originally not given the go-ahead; ” Well, when he first got the go-ahead from the studio to write the book, and he got it signed-off with all the actors and everyone A lot of it boils down to, “Stewart wanted to lighten up and have a fun little romp.


Piller himself made these observations about his work remaining unpublished, ” Let me clarify this and make it very clear. For such a niche book, I’m not shocked by the cost. You all work together for so many years and you become a family. For reasons I won’t go into here, decisions were made at a very high level not to publish the book, which was greatly disappointing to me.

Fade In: The Writing of Star Trek: Insurrection by Michael Piller

I enjoyed reading it a lot. Michael was not ill at the time of the writing of the book.

Often history tells the truer story. That’s the advantage of digital publishing. Zachary rated it liked it Apr 01,