Taviso wrote a nice little intro to FvwmButtons that can be found here. FvwmTaskBar is a task-bar that is quite similar to the one in Windows. There is. Functions can be called by FVWM though various parts of the config, I will just.

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MoveThreshold is the number of pixels the mouse must move before FVWM will consider that action a ‘move’. For instance lets assume that you would want to have 3 Virtual Desktops each with 9 pages in a 3×3 grid, you could set it up as follows. Then call the function ‘CreateDock’ for each button on the dock bar.

For this guide we will just put everything into one config file. Then you AddToFunc the list of actions you want it to perform when its called, and as you see above these beginnesr can happen depending on different actions of the mouse.

Basic FVWM Installation in Arch Linux

The EdgeScroll parameter sets up what percentage of the screen scrolls when you move guire mouse to the edge of the screen. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Hi, So this evening I installed fvwm 2. I mainly set up the MiniIcon and Icon that is associated with the program, though any Style option can be applied to the program. Note that registered members see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in. For example, for i video pacman -S xfvideo-intel For laptops with a keypad, and for touchscreens in general: When FVWM is first start it starts xscreensaver, sets the background and runs xmms and an aterm.


If it works, great. This is a single column button with a title and then a few quick launch buttons to launch some applications.

This script giude take one argument which states what colorset to use. I didn’t realize guie there was anyone still developing it. These are simple functions, but they keep things a little bit more organized for me. The following is a collection of a few sample config to show you some of bgeinners neat stuff that one can do with FvwmButtons.

FVWM Beginners Guide

This is a really nice feature because you fwvm have FvwmButtons swallow many applications, including non dockable apps. I have set the info to go into the config file aside so one could simply copy yuide paste as they work though the guide. The self-presentation of FVWM has given to me the most serious impression. Since the name ‘Feeble’ no longer applies to this window manager, many attempts at changing the name, or even creating urban legends about how the original meaning of the ‘F’ was lost have circulated around.

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Then try it I would very much suggest not running X as root. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. I then ‘Swallow’ the window into my DockButtons.

FVWM Beginners Guide – Index

That is achieved as follows:. I will create a simple set of Buttons called MyButtons to get you familiar with the syntax. This is important because then each button inside the FvwmButtons panel can span any number of rows and columns allowing you to make buttons of various sizes.


On the top I have my computers name and the time, followed by a collection of ‘quick launch’ buttons. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

FVWM Beginners Guide – Advanced FvwmButtons

The man page is quite long, but once one has key words, it should be easy to search for how that is used in the configuration. You can see this thread on the fvwm forums for more detailed information.

I haven’t really used Linux since then until about 6 months ago. I’ve written a quick introduction into making panels with FvwmButtons, you can read it here http: Now consider the following list of basic functions.

The module is launched by running ‘Module FvwmTaskBar’, but this is already done in the StartFunction, so it shouldn’t need to be put in the config. After the pager are a collection of monitors using xosview.

Then when I move my mouse over one of the Docks, it will replace the current icon with shadow. You should also note the syntax of the last few lines above.