to find deadlines and important dates for the pre-registration year on the key dates page. Forms and key dates . The registration assessment explained The registration assessment is one of the Developing and demonstrating your knowledge and competence · 5. The. Assessing your knowledge and competence You are assessed in two ways. 4. Developing and demonstrating your knowledge and competence.

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These two assessment methods have been designed to complement each other and give a broader picture of your ability.

Pre-registration Manual

It starts at the bottom and works upwards, and every step is a building block towards the next level. This is often in a simulated environment such as a classroom.

You are able to routinely do it in a reliable and safe way in a real environment such as a pharmacy. An example of this process is dispensing. As a pre-registration pharmacist, you will have already completed the first two stages. But this may have been on a limited number of occasions in pharmacy practice classes or in an objective structured clinical examination OSCE.


The Pre Reg Manual – The Pre Reg Manual

Under supervision prw a trainee, you will be expected to repeatedly, accurately and safely dispense in a pharmacy. The earlier steps are often based on logic and are easy to plan.

Rpe this last step demands thorough analysis of how you can incorporate a skill into an everyday situation and remain able to reflect on it as a learning experience. It is likely that your tutor will be monitoring your performance for both consistency and your ability to adapt your skills and behaviours appropriately to a range of different situations.

Your tutor will still sign your progress report as satisfactory if you have met their expectations for this stage of training. Skip to main content. Pre-registration Mznual Search Term. Firstly, you are assessed against the pre-registration performance standards so you can show that you can carry out specified tasks in a particular way.

Secondly, you must sit the registration assessment to demonstrate your understanding of the knowledge and outcomes in the registration assessment framework which is relevant to working as a pharmacistas well as your calculations ability. If you do get an unsatisfactory progress report at any stage you should: You can also get in touch with the RPS mentor scheme, or other pre-registration networks if you need more help.


Standards Development Competence and final declaration 3. Starting your training up Standards.