Dialock Türterminal Dialock is the intelligent identification and locking system from Häfele. The transponder technology makes touchless opening and closing. The Dialock software allows to program and encode keys and doors. It controls the entire access management; all functions and procedures can be easily. Products available within 24 hours: Häfele is a leading specialist for furniture fittings and architectural hardware, Dialock access control system.

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Depending on the structural situation and the information and safety requirements. Matt stainless steel or polished brass material. SW Premium Wireless Role models. Controls the entire access management with all applications.

With permanent open function.

hafeel Card is recognized as a transponder. Mifare Used worldwide in the hospitality industry. RFID — reliable identification by radio.

For heavily frequented doors, interior and external doors, turnstiles, lifts, etc. DT Extremely slim housing for narrow frame doors. This information can be sent to the door terminal in various ways.

Dialock Assist Support Service

This is where offline, onlin. Tech Access and security Other – Security. This is where offline, onlin Quick update of access authorisations.

Selectable closing time, also permanent open.


This is where offline, online and wireless terminals come together and can be networked with billing systems, time and attendance or management systems, independently of the operating systems. Actuation of surveillance cameras possible. The methods can be combined. Billing via external systems. Offline and online communication.

By continuing to browse our website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. The Hfele software allows to program and encode keys and doors. Furniture locks Invisible locking and unlocking for cabinets, wardrobes and display cabinets. SW Hotel Time profiles. With customised printing, if required.

Dialock DFT

DT Electronic profile cylinders. It controls the entire access management; all functions and procedures can be easily dialoc in a dialogue-oriented way via the Web-based user interface.

Transponder media Transponders for the Dialock system in different versions. This makes locking and unlocking more hafels, more reliable, cheaper and touchless. WT wall terminal For heavily frequented doors, interior and external doors, turnstiles, lifts, etc. Four software levels yafele different functionality. Does the key card unlock or not? Radio Frequency Dialocck, replaces the mechanical key with the electronic transponder in the form of a card or chip.

The transponder is briefly passed over the terminal, and receives sufficient energy from an electromagnetic field to transmit its information. Control components Simple programming and configuration of keys and doors. WRU reader For use on external doors, for example, barriers and turnstiles.


High degree of security, e. Transfer and control access authorisations. Jacascript is tuned off – in order to use this site, please activate JavaScript! The software belongs to Dialock range, the electronic transponder-assisted access control system which provides touchless locking and unlocking combined with comprehensive access control and convenient access management.

For reliably secure solutions. SW Professional Role models.

Extensions possible at any time. This has resulted in the state-of-the-art Dialock system of today. Several readers and elements can be controlled.

Waterproof, degree of protection IP DT Robust standard fitting for interior doors. Audit trail of all processes possible.

SW Control Time profiles. Surface also available with Alasept hygienically active coating.

Furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems | online at HÄFELE

Dialock integrated in operable walls! The main focus is on pioneering development that is oriented to customer requirements. Communication with other applications billing, furniture, ski lift. Membrane keypad, LC display. Offline, online and wireless communication.