: HODEIEN ADOREA (Paperback): Language: Basque. Brand New Book. Hodeien Adorea by Yoseba Peya at – ISBN – ISBN – Susa – – Softcover. HODEIEN ADOREA: Books –

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She has also travelled extensively through Spain and experienced the various languages of Spain at first hand. She went on to overcome this setback and has been writing ever since. She has a collection of poetry based on this experience, Turas Ailse She blogs [ http: An unapologetic female view of life, it has been a best-seller and has caused controversy in its uncompromising perspective. As a result, he has experienced life on both sides of the Basque Country and acquired a rich language background.

He has worked as a creative copywriter in areas of Communication such as journalism, publicity and literature. A visitor to this young author’s home would find themself in a world where words written in all types of surfaces have a major presence, where bits of paper lay scattered all around.

His literary production to date consists mainly of fanzine articles, poetry collections, travel writings and short stories. It is Ekaitz’s wish to create new short stories during his stay in Maribor in the spring of We, on our part, are determined to enjoy his creation process through his posts on the Other Words blog.

He is one of the editors of the Frisian literary journal Ensafh, which appears both in print and online. Furthermore, he is working on a book about Frisia in Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, and on an anthology of Frisian literature.

He has read Classical Philology i. Over the years, his academic interests have shifted towards the cultural history of languages.

Currently, his primary literary projects in Frisian are writing a collection of travel stories, with special focus on linguistic diversity, and completing his first collection of poetry. In Bitola, he will write a literary travel reportage about the Republic of Macedonia, its languages, history and people. Apart from that, as editor of Ensafh, he wants to collaborate with Macedonian literary journals, establishing enduring connections between the linguistic areas.

He wants to work together with poets and translators from Macedonia, adprea order to translate poetry from Southeastern Europe to the North Sea coast and vice versa. Viktor Jakimovski is reading Journalism at the faculty of Law in Skopje. He is an award winner of “Lesnovski zvona” for a best debutant book adorsa a young hodejen. His first poetry book is “With me, inside me”, and his poems were released in a lot of Macedonian journals.

Cvetka Bevc, who lives and works in Ljubljana, is a writer of prose, poetry, young adult literature and dramatic works. She has spent several years organizing and leading the Slovene Book Days festival. Cvetka has written over thirty full-production radio plays and has published over twenty books.

She has also written several screenplays, theatre musicals and numerous musical presentations and original hodeieen for radio plays, theatre plays and films. She has already spent an extended period of time in Ireland while she adorfa studying at the University College Cork, Ireland. Bart Kingma Wommels, trained as writing journalist at the school for journalism in Zwolle.

He began his career as a newspaper journalist for Boom publishers in Meppel, writing for several magazines in the Dutch provinces Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland and Gelderland. Over time, he made the move to the journalism for television. From there he gradually shifted his focus from journalism to directing and writing scripts.

Inhe took the initiative adore write most translations for De Partizanena Frisian tribute to Leonard Cohen, performed by several musicians. In he published his first novel Griene Simmer Green Summer publisher Elikserabout a man who gets mixed up in feelings of guilt about what he left to do on crucial moments in his life. Inhe wrote and directed the musical theater Swart Langstme Black Desirewhich tells the true story of the murder by the French singer Bertrand Cantat on the actress Mary Trintignant.


Inhe published the book De hodeein fan Remco The daily adodea of Remcoin a story that runs parallel to the drama series De Koers The Course. In the same year he directed the show Op alle Fronten On all fronts of Inez Timmer, which tells the story of Lale Andersen, the singer of the famous warhit ‘Lili Marleen’.

For many year he organized a festival on storytelling: He aforea occasionally writes lyrics for bands and artists as Vangrail, Gurbe Douwstra en Gerbrich van Dekken. He was presenting, showing and lecturing all over the world. In and he was employed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia as General director asorea the Directorate for Arts.

Bertso nobela: Hodeien adorea

In he received the Auntomous artist status as producer and intermedia artist and works on several projects at KIBLA. He has released two cassettes, These Beautiful Margins and Missa, and has been ranked on 2 Ex-Yu Electronica albums, works with various musicians and groups, including Marko Adoea and Byzantine Cadillac, performs at hodien and abroad.

Before end of CD Cameron Bobro: She works in Maribor’s Youth Culture Center where she deals with the production of literature and performance events as well as the coordination and organization of culture programmes. Petra’s poems have been published in literary journals and anthologies at home as well as abroad. Petra regularly appears at literary festivals and poetry readings. To create new poetic forms and experiences she often combines her poetry with music, videos, images, sound, movement, animations and computer arts.

He started working as a journalist for the daily newspaper Delo in and later became a text writer at the same newspaper house.

In the year Zdravko got employed at Cankarjeva publishing house where he continued working until his retirement in Zdravko is also an author and translator, especially of dramatics.

His bibliography counts about seventy translations, film screenplays and journalistic publications. He is responsible for around seven hundred publications in the thirty-year-long period that Zdravko has spent working in publishing. During his residency in Macedonia Zdravko would like to work on his translation and screenplay adorsa. He is a writer in his own right also. Tonnchrith Inntineone of his poetry collectionswas published along with other works in poetry and Irish language magazines.

As a result of his research on the famine he was invited to give talks on famine folklore in Ireland, the United States, Canada, France and the Netherlands. He is active in Irish language literature circles as founding Chairperson hideien the Alliance of Irish Language Writers, as co-editor of Irish Imram, as Irish language advisor of Books Ireland, and as an independent producer at literary events for the Irish language literature festival Imram.

Marija Makeska has been involved in writing since childhood and was a special guest at the Struga Poetry Nights when she was only 13 years old. In she produced her first play “Vortex of Shadows” with her High School theatre.


In she emigrated to the United States and continued to write poetry and drama scripts. In she self published her first poetry book, “The Sun and the Beauty”. She also joined the Bonstelle Theatre Production in college, where she worked as an Assistant House Manager for two years while juggling hoddeien classes as a film major. Marija is also a fine artist. She’s been all around exhibits since her early childhood and continues to work as an artist in Detroit for the time daorea.


In she had her first solo exhibition “Crossing Cultural Roads”, and took part of “Damned: Her passion, love and spiritual energy are used fully for the arts.

Instead adprea focusing on a single medium, she tries to combine them. It only needs to have an idea, a goal, and a will. His young-adult fiction dystopia Oximoron will come out inpublished by Gaumin Ed. He has won the Julene Azpeitia short-history prize in and the Idazle-Eskola poetry-prize in He has co-written a play, Woman’s way Emalegezwhose first night will be on October the 14th in Beasain in the Basque Country, and he is one of the organizers of the Literaturia Basque literature festival http: He settled in Zarautz in Guipuzkoa in the Basque Country 10 years ago.

After 15 years pursuing a scientific career, with more than 60 articles in diverse scientific magazines and conferences and a book on game theory and energy optimal algorithms for energy markets: Inhe took over the newspaper from his grandfather Gerryt Dirks De Jong.

Gerard de Jong has a broad journalistic experience. While in San Sebastian, he wants to write a short story in the Bildt language, his mother tongue, a non-Frisian regional minor language in the Province of Friesland; a language which developed from the sixteenth century when Dutch dike workers and farm workers emigrated to Friesland in order to win land from the sea in the Bildt region. It is his literary debut: It describes the main developments of and threats to the Bildt language and culture from up until now.

To show that it is possible to put the spade in new ground and gain terrain like a literary mud worker: It is my personal mission and guiding force in life. To create a foundation from which this language can experience a new qdorea and face a solid future.

Diarmuid is an actor, writer and dramatherapist and is also a drama teacher at all education levels and in the professional sector as well. In Diarmuid will feature as The Captain in the new film release Pilgrimage.

HABE IKASBIL: Hodeien adorea

Moreover, she was awarded the Esther MK Cheung prize for the best postgraduate academic hoeeien. In the area of literary creation, she has won prestigious prizes such as the ‘Blas de Otero’the ‘ Young Poets’ Prize’ by the Government of Navarra, and the ‘Lauaxeta’. At the age of sixteen, and thanks to a grant, she left her native Pamplona to do her Baccalaureate in Duino, a small Italian town on the border with Slovenia, only ten kilometres away from Trieste. I needed to hear my inner poetic voice, make sure that Basque would remain alive inside me, and melt my Basque roots abroad.

Beatriz Chivite is about to return to the region of her younger years. This time, she intends to base her creation work on the experiences of the people who live hodeieh the border. All going well, the result of her eight-week stay will be a collection of poems.

Gregor Lozar is a writer. Gregor writes short stories and poems. Gregor’s stories have been translated into Bosnian and Serbian. He previously worked in an antique book shop for five years. Hein Jaap Hilarides is a writer and musician.

He writes prose and poetry in Frisian, Bildts, and Dutch.

In he published Stimd Slika book of poetry in the Bildt language together with Bildt landscapes of the painter Hendrik Elings. For other literary work by Hein Jaap Hilarides, see www. While in Maribor, Hilarides plans to work on a new novel.