The Death of Empedocles: Friedrich Hölderlin: Der Tod des Empedokles (The Death of Empedocles), the first version of which he nearly completed; fragments. Hölderlin, Friedrich, – [Tod des Empedokles. English]. The death of Empedocles: a mourning-play / Friedrich Hölderlin ; translated with introduction. Hölderlin’s poem about Empedocles is, to say the least, quite unusual. Yet it sets already the stage for what became a key theatrical piece. For the third fragment.

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Franz Biberkopf rated it liked it Mar 25, In theatre this mark of history is implied when something trails off till only silence remains as lone actor on stage. As the writing progressed, it became more and more an epic poem. Sailors know how to use the natural forces and when there is no point to stem against them. The latter differs from how a boat would drift down a river if ruderless, no one inside, it had freed itself from its mooring. More subtle are the ones taking place first in poetry and later on stage as theatrical performances.

Meant by those deeming themselves to be German citizens was a wish to know when would the Turks leave again. Refresh and try again. He imagined thereby not only the Greece of the Ancient Times, but a different way of life. All the travelers seemed to be by themselves. Jacobo Ferragut rated it it was amazing Aug 03, What more needs to be said in times when a human voice no longer suffices, when shouting will not do or any other empesocles to empedocled for attention that there are things which matter most?

For the reader being present in what is being described means to become a witness at to what changes take place in front of one’s own eyes. They walked over moos as Beethoven could not take many vibrations if stepping on hard ground.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Certainly intercultural dialogues presuppose there is a minimum of understanding given to the other so that communication is at all possible. That too is an odd contradiction to the Pergamon Museum still standing there in what was once stricly East Berlin and is now the precious Island of Museums to be reached by walking from Brandenburg Gate down ‘Unter den Linden’. Yet it sets already the stage for what became a key theatrical piece.


Political but also personal traces can be found in both writings at that time and what moved mainly persons like Hegel, Schiller, Goethe etc. Due to Mitscherlich and the subsequent debate, but not only, it was clear bythat the post empeeocles generations faced a huge challenge. It was a call in the air for poets to reflect ‘the spirit of these times’. Given the promise ‘never again war’, conformity to demands mepedocles by NATO and other structures of power does not suffice as explanation.

Things were named as they are. At that time I was visiting merely a good friend of mine, namely Christine Holste. A deep shock in the world was felt afterthat is once the full extent of the Holocaust became known. Such borders are not crossed merely out of fear of reprisal, but because of the insights to be gained once on the other side.

That then touches upon what makes possible human self-consciousness.

Empédocles by Friedrich Hölderlin

It is not merely the broken heart, but the self destruction of the ‘I’ when it comes to give recognition first of all to the state and only then secondary to the own personal self. Sometimes he would sit down to play the piano. It influenced many Communists and Marxists insofar as they believed once society had become a just one, then the state would prove to be superfluous and disappear.

The chorus makes explicit both the public as audience which witnesses these changing times and as force of the ejpedocles collective wisdom, but which is not as of yet audible or if not heeded by the politicians and decision makers.

The Death of Empedocles

Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal from index Translate to english Revision history. To date there hooderlin not been offered any convincing explanation or is there any real relief in sight to calm this deeply felt anxiety. There is a special light only to be found in Greece.


The street seems to be no longer as convincing as it was before and the start of Second World War. Always there is a danger that the past and the future conspire together against the present, or as Sartre would put it not knowing one’s future goals would make it impossible to live in the present. Since academic philosophy as experienced at the Heidelberg Seminarand especially as represented by Fulda and others to solidify German Idealism, meant an unwillingness to take up a self-critical dialogue with reality, the prospect of finding a new political identity free from the structural dispositions towards Fascism had to be sounded out elsewhere.

Anderenomen rated it really liked it Feb 13, When all this and more comes together within one theatrical space, the tragic moment transgressed into an holdelin one.


To know what should be demanded means to remember what was said at the outset. For once without trust, fear can play havoc with the mind. Empedolces the moment the imagination is involved, then the ability to perceive and to remember is intensified. The latter gave a pretaste to Patriotism as new form of Nationalism. How different this is to a voice shouting out a command, or even just a challenge: Rather what counted was the capacity to out distance and out produce the other.

Moltke when narrating what happened to her when traveling through post war Germany, that is immediately after her husband who had founded the Kreisau Circle had been executed by Hitler in Januaryshe did manage to pass through Russian and Polish guards due to a hand written note saying simply ‘her husband has been killed by the Nazis’. It is said that he had given up the attempt to write in the form of an Ancient Drama a similar text.