Do you want to avoid reservations while planning your trip? In the Interrail timetable, simply check the box that states ‘avoid trains that require reservations’. Interrail Planner is the free trip planning app. Use our interactive map to plan your Trains. See journey times and book your seat reservations in advance. After ceasing publication last summer, one man has risked all, by reviving the European Rail Timetable, the backpacker’s bible.

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Trains in Europe

Need help planning your trip? If so, you’re at the place to be! Want to share your trip with us? Feel free to do so! Also enables you to share your plan, so you can post a link in this subreddit for feedback.

This is specifically for Eurail. Advice General questions involving trains, transfer times and money self. Hi all, I just have a few questions regarding a number of things. I am going interrailing in July with 3 friends and my trip is as follows: If the interrail website says that there is a 0 or 1 min transfer time between timstable, does that mean that I’d have to sprint to the next train, interrrail does it mean that I just stay on the same train?

If it’s the former than I think I have a problem! Leading on from question 1, innterrail easy is it to find connecting trains at the stations? What would happen if you miss the train that you had booked?


Most places that we’re visiting use the euro but some use a different currency and so I am not sure what to do about money: Should I just bring cash and change it up when I reach a new country? Should I purchase an ‘any currency card’ and pay the 1. Or should I use a euro currency card and keep some cash fimetable the places that don’t use euros?

Thank you in advance! Apologies if the questions are repeats but I did try to look before posting. For the first question, can you make a screenshot of interraio timetable and post timtable here?

There might be an error in the website which causes it to see a transfer, but I’d have to see the timetable first.

Train stations often have big screens with all departing trains, which shows destinations, platform numbers, times and sometimes train numbers. If you miss a train which you had booked you won’t need any bookings for the yimetable of trains though you will have to go to the ticket office and they will resolve it.

In general, I’d just get a little longer transfer times if possible. Currency exchange offices are often pretty expensive, and as a European, using my debit card NL or credit card was often cheaper since my interaril charged lower fees.

Cash is often easier and if you don’t mind a few percent then I’d just exchange money for the two times you are in a country which does not use the euro. Hostels often give you the option to pay with a credit card in euros, but you will have to check if their exchange rates are fair. This is the timetable.


I am assuming that I will be interrwil on the train, since it is the same station? Does that mean that the destination changes whilst we’re on the train? Would you have to change your ticket if you do miss the train, because from what I understand you write the train on the interrail pass? Sorry, I might be wrong.

Looks like an error in the train planner. I’d use the train planner on db. You write the travel date on timetalbe InterRail pass, which gives you the right to travel the whole day. Missing a train would not really matter since you could just take the next train.

General questions involving trains, transfer times and money : Interrail

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Interrail submitted 3 years ago by United Kingdom lx Want to add to the discussion? Also, I think I will probably do the same with my bank card then, I’ll check rates. Thanks for your help!