A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Cobralingus by Jeff Noon. Jeff Noon is a novelist, short story writer and playwright whose works make use of word play and fantasy. Noon’s speculative. Antony Johnston START > INLET Welcome to the review of Jeff Noon’s latest book, Cobralingus. DRUG: HYPERBOLIN > ENHANCE Jeff.

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What has he wrought? Channel SK1N follows popstar Nola Blue on a journey of transformation as she begins to pick up signals on her skin.

Gardner picks at the invocation, without breaking the spell. Can it be bent, mutated, made liquid? Note also that the volume is beautifully presented, enhancing the effect. If the English novel is truly dead, we should place a flower on its grave, trample down the dirt. Experimental fiction of the finer sort.

Jeff Noon’s top 10 fluid fiction books | Culture | The Guardian

The results are varied, sprawling about in unusual page layouts, but for the most part have gained something compelling. Examples of these gates include ueff which creates cobbralingus of beauty in the text, and ‘ghost edit’; this kills the text and calls up a ghost to haunt the text.

He lists a set of functions by which these texts may be mutated, be it by the gentle ‘Decay’, the more violent detonation of ‘Explode’, adding the stimulants by ‘Drug’, or the evolution of ‘Release Virus’. The pieces themselves vary in ultimate quality, but many of them achieve what I would call brilliance, and even the less-successful experiments show a verve non enthusiasm for the process of writing Noon establishes the framework of his process of fiction “remix” in his prefatory comments, provides you with a terminology nono shorthand that enables him to chart the progression of each remix work as it is in process, and then displays each iteration process from source material to finished piece.


Supposedly cutting up classic texts and resuturing them together like the two halves of a car chop shop, while certainly creating a new text, but was also supposed to maintain echoes of the original ghost texts working under the surface. He breaks language cobrzlingus to the building blocks of its alphabetical DNA and then rebuilds a new creation. November Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Anybody who has enjoyed a good DJ set in a nightclub will attest to this sense of a story being unfolded through the music. Cole rated it it was amazing Jun 23, First of all, we have to cobralings that English writing has been far too slow in its adoption of avant-garde techniques, in comparison with popular music, art and films.

The rules, beyond their most basic operation, are entirely of Noon’s own choosing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Once can only hope that the concept of the Cobralingus Engine doesn’t catch on in the finer Creative Writing programmes. I am always amazed when this happens. But, hey — whatever works.

All that’s left of the first page is this: In another, a list of the landmarks of our moon, all the Seas, Bays and Lakes is blended with a shipping forecast as broadcast on BBC Radio, the numbers replaced by key words, to arrive at a bee’s honeycomb arrangement of phrases.

Imagine a musical signal travelling along a pathway. It was published as a DRM -free ebook.

It is part anthology of poems and part instructional textbook for Noon’s style of poetry. Retrieved from ” https: Above all, imagine the pleasure gained from following the various stories through the mix.


Jeff Noon’s top 10 fluid fiction books

How to make a modern novel Over the past few years there has been an upsurge of interest in experimental electronic music. Jul 30, Marc Nash rated it it was amazing.

The writing style of Noon is very similar to that of Lewis Carrollwho Noon constantly refers back to during the novel. One symptom of the current future is the perceived sorry state of the English novel.

Cobralingus involves no computational algorithms except for the strangely nooon pathways inside Jeff Noon’s head.

Cobralingus contains ten examples of texts manipulated by the so-called Cobralingus Engine, a device contrived by Jeff Noon.

Perhaps I will, one day. Needle in the Groove. However, if it is fuelled by world-weariness alone, the future may not last long. And reading a book that puts a design of words on each page, as a sample of how the exercism turned out, is something worth looking at.

The Engine begins with Noon using an existing text and then applying different ‘filter gates’ that edit the text into something new. Just a clbralingus of things that got me excited in the last few months. Hardcore, fiercely committed, living by its own code, more than a little melancholic.

This leads to our current situation, noon the vast majority of novelists are still intent on drawing a single narrative thread through a complex world. With the Dome, the millennial celebrations and the general feeling nkon “Was that it?