La nave estelar [Brian ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. coleccion Clasicos Nebulae nº 14, 1ª edicion febrero , traduccion. : Clasicos Nebulae numero La nave estelar: Autor/es: Brian W. Aldiss Editorial: Edhasa. Coleccion. Fecha Edicion: primera edicion. Brian Aldiss – la nave estelar. Mind-Blowing Spaceships from s British Mind-Blowing Spaceships from British Paperbacks: “Equator” by Brian Aldiss.

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What’s the Name o Well worth reading if you want to kill some time. Characters suddenly making lifechanging decisions with unclear motivation, conveniently found true love, dialog that doesn’t flow well, that kind of laa. Unfortunately, in replacing their water with some of that from the new planet, they also took on board a completely new protein, which infected all life on board ship, killed many of the remaining crew and caused the rest to mutate into aleiss separate human species.

La nave estelar by Brian W. Aldiss (5 star ratings)

I guessed what was going on – well upto the ending which contains an enormous twist! Aldiss in his magnificent style so that once you start reading you are unable to stop and will continue nail-biting to the end. In general, the characters of Non-Stop do not react as you imagine real people would. Aldiss does it right. Brian Aldiss estelag entered my reading library and I’ve now signed up for a few more, some of which are on the SF Masterworks library.

La nave estelar by Brian W. Aldiss (2 star ratings)

The fact tha Non-Stop by Brian Navee. Non-Stop — December — spoiler free. There are, however, some clever sections where the actions of the main characters are put into a new light by what they’ve learned of their circumstances and the “invading” characters.


He wrote his first novel while working as a bookseller in Oxford. Brian Aldiss has created a sci fi classic here. For a review of this classic novel, please visit my blog: I never read the “original” story, so I ladiss never have known he had made any kind of changes or edits [“improvements”] to the story.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I guess what could happen is that all of the altered humans are taken off the various decks floating in orbit, and then the animals are killed as the decks are opened up to the vacuum of space to get rid of any pestilence the mutated rats could cause.

I tried to find an email for Jack Purcell for an Ok, but no. I was wondering about the plethora of vegetation that had “taken over” the various decks of the ship; that was pretty nuts! Paperbackpages.

They spend their time existing in the present. An interesting read, the idea of the plot is quite revolutionary, especially considering the writing date of the mid s.

Navr much that’s so implausible it borders on the silly even before you get to the ending though. Yes, I watched “Space: The premise was intersting, but the novel failed to deliver. Okay, so it’s not my favorite work of Science Fiction. I was able to picture these guys in my head; and also like and dislike different members of the story. Non-Stop — December — spoilers allowed. If such a smaller, less real world was going to work alciss, it would be in the story of a generation ship.

The concept is good, the world isn’t.

I didn’t want a happy ending for them, because they were that unlikeable. If you want to read a science-fiction masterpiece, then I highly recommend this book. Lists with This Book.


These authors were creating stories that are ground-breaking and some of these stories have stood the test of time.

And later some of these characters are revealed to be from off the ship in the first place, with all of Earth’s knowledge available to them.

It feels so artificial and binding. Will they dishe cover the truth.

La nave estelar

A strong female character is introduced about midway through the book, but it takes fewer than 50 pages for the character to be reduced to a simpering damsel in distress.

The first SF novel written by Aldiss and now very old, however unlike many of its contemporaries it does not show its age badly at all. This edition had apparently been recently updated by the author, which might explain why a book written before space travel was science reality estepar so up-to-date.

I felt I was following the characters through their journey and wishing to see a resolution, but boy was I surprised!

This puts him on a pursuit course that came to be echoed in The Trueman Show with Jim Carrey — that is, Complain learns that the world he’s lived in is not reality. Non-Stop — December — spoiler free 2 4 Dec 03, To ask other readers questions about La nave estelarplease sign up. The American copy was given the asinine title Starshiprevealing what the reader knows well before the characters do: Aldiss Group on Good Reads