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What do these passages show about the holiness of God? If Jesus was dois wonderful, why was He killed? God is transcendent that which goes above and beyond the commonplace. Neither is intended to stand alone. The Bible emphasizes with repetition. He experiences disintegration when he sees God. Is there meaning behind our suffering? In this format, a typical approach for the first week might include: The ark of the covenant was being returned to Jerusalem on an oxcart when it suddenly began to fall.

The story of Laa 2 Samuel 6 a. This their sin God was pleased, according to His wise and holy counsel, to permit, santiidad purposed to order it to His own glory. The original Greek words which Paul wrote in Romans 1: He applied this knowledge to the law of God.

These messages survey basic and controversial questions involved in this important area of theology. Can you recall a time when you experienced someone profaning that which is sacred to God?

By this statement he was portraying the majesty of God. The eyes of Isaiah were opened to see the real King of the nation. What are some indications of the problem of overfamiliarity?


The striking dead of Ananias and Sapphira by God in Acts 5, for example, seems to be an instance sprpul the punishment far out weighing the crime.

Note that the idea of being conformed to the likeness of Christ Romans 8: We are not to take the name of the Lord God in vain. In The Holiness of God, Dr. There is often a sense of anguish and hostility directed against Christians. A Heart for God. God does not intend that we live the Christian life on our own. Santdad Importance of Holiness 15 ii.

La Santidad de Dios by R. C. Sproul (, Paperback) | eBay

Indicate how wantidad plan to incorporate this into your personal devo- tional life. How have you kept the balance between Jesus as the friend of sinners and Jesus as the Holy One of Israel? How do you respond emotionally to Dr. Any Christian who seriously pursues personal holiness will find that his desire always exceeds his performance.

The Holiness of God.

Calam̩o РLa Santidad De Dios. por el Dr. Rc Sproul

In which group or groups do you see yourself? Can you think of an area where you have compromised srpoul order not to offend another person? Perhaps your experience leads you to agree with their conclusions. Why did the masses turn against Jesus and kill Him?

How would you answer the charge that the punishment was too severe for the crime? How do you account for the difference?


Why, then, did the various people respond to the presence of God as they did? Each chapter consists of: Look saantidad 1 John 1: To what extent does Dr.

La Santidad De Dios. por el Dr. Rc Sproul

Sometimes I hate Him. The goal of each series is to sufficiently interact with the material until the impli- cations and applications become evident.

In what ways can we not be holy as God is holy? He insists, however, that the learning process is not complete until addi- tional study, reflection, and application has occurred.

If in a class setting, have someone present the Gospel with this emphasis on holiness. While it is important to write out answers in a group study, it is even more necessary for one to diligently do so in individual study. If you are going to sprooul the Gospel with a non-Christian, what is the first truth you would want the person to understand?

How does this story illustrate them? He describes his condition as being undone.

If drawing near to the holiness of God is so profitable, why are we at times so reluctant to draw near? In his book, The Holiness of God, R.