Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. 6 likes. Book. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Privacy · Terms. About. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Book. 6 people. Le vie dei canti (Biblioteca Adelphi) by Bruce Chatwin at – ISBN “La domanda cui cercherò di rispondere è la seguente: Perché gli uomini. , Italian, Book edition: Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Traumpfade: the songlines: Roman / Bruce Chatwin ; aus dem Englischen von.

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But, my raindance would have no relationship to the native American ancestors who came before us. But school kind of killed that for me and I hate not reading something that I started, no matter how boring it is. Set in Prague, the novel details the life and death of Kaspar Utz, a man rbuce with his collection of Meissen porcelain. Jun 29, Tony rated it really liked it Shelves: Two books I picked up from the library I am a horrible dek sometimes.

Given how central the songlines were to survival, lots of mysticism grew up around them — i. Bill Paddock rated it did not like it Mar 17, Instead, it was the English, island people, who came with their insular ways, thinking only of colonial settlements in Sydney. I never considered geography as song, until I stumbled through the bush recreating the Dreamtime with this chap. Already before page I chatwim I began to read diagonally, and that is lethal.

The dates are bruuce compared to those from African prehistory.

I underlined almost the entire copy. Why is man the most restless, dissatisfied of animals? The ‘dictators’ of the animal kingdom are those who live in an ambience of plenty.

Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Silvia Gariglio. – Version details – Trove

The door in is that the “Bruce” of the book may bguce may not be the Bruce who is writing. This book is so loved and well worn I am getting better at putting down boring books, mainly cause I use the library and I don’t have to feel guilty about not finishing them because I didn’t invest any money in the first place.

The last white man who attempted to talk to him — WELL! The “songlines” were a sort of Aboriginal GPS.

When he arrived, he left the newspaper with a telegram: Open to the public Book Italian Show 0 more libraries We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. The Aborigines’ way of navigating, communicating and negotiating by ‘Songlines’ is absolutely intruiging, and I thank this book for shedding some light on this subject. Jul 18, Matthew Hittinger rated it really liked it Shelves: Bruce Chatwin’s book is ostensibly an examination of the Australian Aboriginal notion of the Songline: No Songlines to Sing Chatwin’s chat reminds me of Shrek’s bloomin’ onion, if you’ll pardon the pun.


Under the surface, it’s none of these things and so much more. They can have no songlines. Straordinario diario di viaggio alla ricerca dei miti degli aborigeni.

You’ll never glance an odd shaped rock or peculiar growth again, without conducting a epic myth in song, attempting to explain in language a landscape we are all foreign to but responsible for.

Even less, if you consider that most of what you encounter of the natives is seen through the distorted cornea of the European.

Le Vie dei Canti

Why have the great teachers—Christ or the Buddha—recommended the Road as the way. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But I’m afraid it turned out to be a disappointment.

In Chatwin’s search for the Songlines, Arkady is an ideal friend and guide: When Bruce and Arkady pull up in the Toyota to meet people who are scheduled to meet them to visit the next community, they find the people asleep in the heat of the day. Chatwin vaga nell’outback alla ricerca di aborigeni disposti a far conoscere i propri bie al pallido inglese, avido di leggende e curioso.

The Songlines

Whether he got his facts straight about the whole concept, I don’t know. One of Chatwin’s traits as a writer and brude a human being that I most admired was his willingness to talk to just about anyone, including a stinking derelict on a London street, an Aboriginal story-teller, a body-builder cop or a Saharan nomad.

The whites he describes are a strange mix, representing a variety of attitudes toward the Aboriginals – sometimes greed, exasperation, and cruelty, but he mostly focuses on those who offer them nearly unconditional friendship and support. After pagethe author pulls a bait-and-switch, informs the reader he was unable to write a book about nomads and burned the manuscript, then proceeds to fill the rest of the book with his half-finished notes for the moribund nomad book anyway.

He explores this abstract concept through the agency of Arkady and a cast of other Whites who vis and work amongst the Aborigines in the harsh heart of Australia, defending their rights and interpreting their chatwln.

It would be too easy to say that white Australia knows nothing about deii history of black Australia – too easy to say anything interesting. Peterclouds rated it did not like it Sep 15, Thus, as he walked and sang, the singer encountered the sacred sites and knew he was following the correct “line” to his destination. It fascinates me how much has changed in the last few generations of the families of Aboriginal friends and how much is so rapidly being lost, in spite of some real efforts to keep the knowledge alive.


The most egregious example of this view spoiler [ at least in my opinion, you’ll have to read it yourself to see if you agree, perhaps an even worst example will leap out of you like a sabre toothed tiger and will need to be skewered in your own review hide spoiler ] is when Chatwin describes himself stopping to give an old tramp some money outside his club and the tramp quickly describes his nomadic existence and philosophy of life using the same metaphor of a bird that lies long distances over seas, lands ccanti, before turning round to fly long distances over many seas again, a behaviour that Chatwin himself had discussed only a few pages earlier.

I just could not provide a written recipe for something that was muscle memory instead of written words. Nov 03, Joseph Mckenna rated it it was amazing.

It could not charm me, especially because it was so self-centered: As a travel document, though, it maintains Chatwin’s compressed ability to sketch a character or paint a landscape in a few deft strokes.

I can not recommend this book. Chatwin paints a vi The Aborigines’ gruce of navigating, communicating and negotiating by ‘Songlines’ is absolutely intruiging, and I thank this book for shedding some light on this subject. Chatwin never claimed that his work was true. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up.

However, most of the book is not about the songlines, but about Chatwin himself, eating and drinking with Australians, most of vif have nothing to do with the Aborigines and their plight. It is not only about the aboriginal If I was given a choice of 3 people to invite for dinner from any age, Bruce Chatwin would be one.