LEGO set database: Robot. Set number: ; Name: Robot; Also known as: Robot That Folds Down; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical. Set was released in and was the only set available that year. This set is a truck which features rack and pinion steering. When a crank in the rear is. Find great deals for Lego Technic Robot From HTF. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Depending on to time I have still have a lot to do for the upcoming eventsbut It would be great if I could build a couple of models and lwgo them on Skaerbaek and Legoworld the Netherland.

There have been many re-shoots to get the different photo to overlay properly. Click for an animation of the transformation in motion. Model by Jerome Boulanger. The arms pivot via connectors and pins at the shoulder. This 8852 has another pinion 16 tooth on each end which mates with gear racks on either side of the chassis. Posted July 31, edited. Getting the photo’s right wasn’t as easy as I though.

Posted July 30, I leyo quit a view of old idea’s laying on 852 corner of my desk Very nice to see the 90 degree change to the rack The pinion drives a rack.

Click for an animation of the steering in motion. As we say in Holland “I will see it through the fingers”. Posted June 27, Very cool steering solution, I like the Mini even more now that it has that function from his big brother too and in the same style no less.


It’s definitely one of my favorites.

*LEGO # Robot used *: Real Yahoo auction salling

Transformation The transformation from truck to robot is controlled by a crank in the rear of the vehicle.

Anyway good entry, very nostalgic. The crank drives a worm gear which mates with a 24 tooth spur gear. Posted June 21, edited. Legk the arms must be disengaged from the axle pins which hold them in place. The torso and the head form a 4 bar linkage, so the head stays parallel to the ground as it rises. This part is too new for LDD so I used the older one.

The overhead control is carefully placed so that it fits through a gap in the chassis when in truck form and does not interfere with the torso during transformation. Once the robot is upright, the shoulder connector joints can be rotated into place. I really like your steering mechanism. As we say in Holland “I will see lebo through the fingers” Or you could photoshop the parts image to reflect the right BoM. Create an account or sign in to comment You need ,ego be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

It’s basically a mini transformer! The same 24 tooth gear which drives the torso also drives an 8 tooth pinion leggo parallel. One of my favorites.

Hello everyone, The deadline is approaching so time the pick up this project. Mini by Barman76on Flickr. As lebo pulleys rotate, the torso pivots upward. Sign up for a new account in our community. I know, but this part is a bit ugly in the model. I think you made an error in length measurment, its 15,4 cm? Posted July 21, There are so many great entry so far, but this is mine number 1 right now Barman: Posted July 31, Each day I had a new favorite and seeing this great entry I am lost again.


If you mean the thing in the back ground, that is a arm module for a star fighter thingy transformer. Posted June 20, 8582 If you paid attention to my entry you see that I didn’t redo the parts list with the new part.

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I might have a crack at it this weekend. The elbows are hinges, and the hands are leo pieces. You have replaced the shoulder joints with this one http: Sign In Sign Up. What happened to the hero 88522 hands? Now I need to make time for the edditing process.

Most people will have this part. I haven’t been here a wail, but there are some very interesting new mini models entered. What a nice little model.

With parts in total. Wheels and Tires This set has 4 of the 13×24 Model Team wheels.