LEY 288-05 PDF

LEY 288-05 PDF

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Article of the Criminal 28-805 criminalizes the intentional violation of personal private life through the capturing, recording or transmission, without the authorization of the person involved, of words or images that have been performed in a private way and place. The Act establishes the principles of data protection, consent, data subject rights and the procedure to perform those rights, as well penalties for infringement. Follow Us on Facebook! The Act establishes a year term for retention, and contains a purpose limitation for the data.

The results of this meeting were reflected in “Santa Cruz de La Sierra Declaration,” which recognizes data protection as a fundamental right. For over 5 years he was the Director of the Conflict Management Department of pey of lye most prestigious law firms in the country, being responsible for every dispute resolution process at such firm and directing several specialized teams.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Credit Information Societies and the Protection of the Data Subject Act regulates the processing of financial solvency data carried out by commercial leey brokers. However, privacy is protected in various laws, decrees, and in resolutions issued by different state organizations. Home Our Clients Contact Information.


The General Telecommunications Act protects the secrecy and inviolability of communications. The Ombudsman has the faculty to intervene, representing the collectivity interests, in matters related to human rights, environment, women, children and adolescent affairs and in topics related to consumer protection.

Our ,ey Since innovation is one of our values, we aim to provide clearly differentiated legal services as measured by various factors that go beyond training and experience.

Legislation Dominican Republic (Lexadin)

This provision also includes the right of inviolability of the home and secrecy of communications and private documents, as well as freedom of the press, freedom of expression and freedom of association. This institute issues penalties to any ely that participates key a direct or indirect way lej the modification, interception, intervention, reception, entrusting, permission, spying, tapping, without judicial order, of any of the telecommunications means that are intended for the general public, violating the secrecy and privacy of the people.

The Dominican Republic AIDS Act regulates the procedure that the health specialists should carry out when they determine an HIV positive result in an individual; furthermore it determines the compulsory confidentiality of the information related to AIDS bearers. Since innovation is one of our values, we aim to provide clearly 288–05 legal services as measured by various factors that go beyond training and experience. Within such articles and essays are the following:.

In turn, he was recognized by Chambers Global in this sense in The Dominican Republic Monetary and Financial System Act stipulates that credit risk information systems must supply truthful, accurate and exact data on debtors. This resolution establishes the principles of data protection, the consent of the data subject for the processing of personal data, security measures, data subjects right to access, 288-0 and cancellation of their own personal data and the penalizing regime for infringements.


EPIC — Privacy and Human Rights Report

Habeas data has not been expressly included in the Constitution or other applicable law in Dominican Republic. The Constitution establishes a minimum protection of the right to privacy. The Dominica Republic also recognizes the competence of the American Court of Human Rights for the interpretation and judgment of human rights cases, subject to international reciprocity.

Dominican Republic does not have comprehensive data protection legislation. Article 10 provides that: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Within such articles and essays are the following: In addition to the above, he has been a frequent speaker at seminars developed in the country and abroad on topics such as access to justice, alternative dispute resolution, consumer law and banking law.

Article of the Criminal Procedure Code allows the seizure of mail dispatched or received by a defendant of a criminal act upon judicial order.

In addition, he has a Master of Laws LL. He has been recognized by Chambers Latin America, one of the 28-805 prestigious publications in the ranking of lawyers worldwide, as a leading individual in the field of Dispute Resolution during the years In the same way, Article allows the interception of communications, messages, data, 288-005 and sounds by any means of a defendant of a criminal act if the provisions and guarantees established by law are observed.