TABLA DE MENDELEIEV Ley de las octavas de NewlandsLi6,9Na23, 0K39,0Be9,0Mg24,3Ca40,0B10,8Al27,0C12,0Si28,1N14,0P John Alexander Reina Newlands (; see photo at the Edgar Fahs Smith collection, University of Pennsylvania) was born in Southwark, England. John A. R. Newlands (). On Relations among the Equivalents. Chemical News Vol. 7, Feb. 7, , pp. To the Editor of the CHEMICAL NEWS.

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He was home-schooled by his father, and later studied at the Royal College of Chemistry.

La Octava ley de newlands by zuly triana on Prezi

Periodic tablelaw of octaves. Laboratory, 19, Great St. Returning to London, Newlands established himself as an analytical chemist in In order to avoid the frequent repetition of the word “equivalent,” I have generally used the names of the different elements as representing their equivalent numbers–thus, when I say that zinc is the mean of magnesium and cadmium, I intend to imply that the equivalent of zinc is the mean of those of magnesium and cadmium, and so on, throughout the paper: John Alexander Reina Newlands 26 November — 29 July was a British chemist who did work concerning the periodicity of elements.

Lanthanium and didymium are identical with cerium, or nearly so.

Potassium is thus the highest term of one triad and the lowest term of another. We have here the symbols and the atomic weights of sixty-one elements, placed in their numerical order, and in the third column is the difference between each atomic weight and the one immediately preceding it: He used the values accepted by his predecessors.


In this group the first three are identical, or nearly so, and are rather more than half of the other two. A Short History of Nearly Everything.

Highest Term of Triad. Lead is here the mean of the other two. B 11 Au III.

Seeing the word octave applied to this table may lead one to think that Newlands recognised periods of eight elements with repeating properties, as we do with the modern periodic table, for example: In this group, strontium is the mean of calcium and barium. The difference between the highest member of the platinum group, viz. The numbers which I have attached to the various groups are merely for the purpose of reference, and have no further significance whatever.

Ir a las entradas

SIR,–Many chemists, and M. Between cobalt and zinc, copper is the mean. On the Law of Octaves.

However, each sequence of Newlands’ octaves contain only seven elements. So frequently ldy relations to be met with among the equivalents of allied elements, that we may almost predict that the next equivalent determined, that of indium, for instance, will be found to bear a simple relation to those of the group to which it will be assigned.

If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: In this group octavaa difference between tin and titanium is nearly three times as great as that between titanium and silicon. Retrieved from ” https: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


John Newlands (chemist)

Dumas in particular, have, on several occasions, pointed out some very interesting relations between the equivalents of bodies belonging to the same natural family or group; and my present purpose is simply to endeavour to proceed a little further in the same direction. SIR,– In your impression of the 2nd inst.

I may mention, by the way, that platinum is rather more than the half of gold; thus I also freely admit that some of the relations above pointed out are more apparent than real; others, I trust, will prove of a more durable and satisfactory description.

His business was continued after his death by his younger brother, Benjamin. Exceptions there ls, however, in both cases which render it necessary to take one half or one quarter of the equivalent of oxygen in the one case, and of hydrogen in the other, in order to represent all the numbers obtained as multiples by a whole number of the given standard.

An Unsystematic Foreshadowing: J. A. R. Newlands

It was written by a reporter whose name I do not have; it is not in Newlands’ words. Aluminium equals two of beryllium, or octaas of the sum of beryllium and zirconium.

Leach, the author, using mrl meta-synthesis.