Liquid War 6: libsys. If version is X.Y.Z, this is Y. This one should increase manually at each significant/public release of the game. Return value: a non- NULL. Pls any one who provide me Libsys Manual in Soft copy. LibSys is an integrated multiuser library management software, that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals. It provides a tree.

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This one will sort in reverse mode.

Note that being empty and being NULL is not the same. Thus any network protocol oriented string would use chr 10 and char 13 directly. Tries to find out the “average” color from an array of colors.

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A general sorting function. Gets the name of the current host. This is because we really do not want the game to leak, and detached threads are typically the kind of thing that leaves stuff in the heap. It maintains records of the budget sanctioned for serials under different categories, amounts spent, thus providing complete budgetary control.

Returns the description of the package. With this function – which every LW6 sub-module should use – one can know globally, for the whole program, wether SDL has been initialized or not.

  BOSCH NDN-498V03-11P PDF

Liquid War 6: libsys

The environment variable will be overriden if the command-line parameter is present. This indirection is required since we use the intermediate item object to store the timestamp along with the key and data. Typically, pass this to gcc when compiling your sources.

Rather, the progress struct was initialized before, and this call is done in a loop with min manusl 0, max being the last value in the loop, and value the current index in the loop.

Libsys Manual

For debugging, this allows us to place and instrument hooks if needed. Convenience fonction which returns the “macro” corresponding to an errno code. This can seem totally useless but it does have some utility.

Checks wether unlock has been called as many times as lock. Creates an empty reentrant list.

If key is here but too old expired then will return 0 and key will be deleted on the fly. Wrapper over standard random function. This one is just a wrapper to help debugging asm calls.

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This can typically be used for debugging purposes. Actually, what it does is storing an array of assoc, the number of assoc elements is given at construction. Structure used to store progress information. This is not manuall serious stream operation since it will return only when stream is closed, and read all file into memory before doing anything. Returns how many mutexes have been unlocked since program start.


Typically an item set with an initial speed of v with this function. This is a convenience function to save the programmer the hassle of calling strlen before any checksum calculation. Libsya md5sum double-checks that two binaries have been built from the same sources. This is a wrapper over the standard malloc function.

Splits the environment value into a list of strings containing each element.

If filename is NULL, then the default log file is cleared. Concatenate 2 strings, and put the llbsys in a newly allocated string. Usefull for sanity checking when debugging.

Sets a value in a cache table. LibSys LibSys is an integrated multiuser library management software, that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals.