“I limoni” (The Lemon Trees) by Eugenio Montale, translated in English. From the collection “Ossi di seppia” (Cuttlefish bones,) I limoni Eugenio Montale Ascoltami, i poeti laureati si muovono soltanto fra le piante dai nomi poco usati: bossi ligustri o acanti. lo, per me, amo. Villa Montale: an exclusive, luxury apartment, historical landmark in Monterosso, at first floor of an amazing, pure Art deco’ style villa, built up in the late ‘s.

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If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Ascoltami, i poeti laureati si muovono soltanto fra le piante dai nomi poco usati: Meglio se le gazzarre degli uccelli si spengono inghiottite dall’azzurro: La pioggia stanca la terra, di poi; s’affolta il tedio dell’inverno sulle case, la luce si fa avara — amara l’anima.


What I like are streets that end in grassy ditches where boys snatch a few famished eels from drying puddles: Better, if the gay palaver of the birds is stilled, swallowed by the blue: Here, by some miracle, the war of conflicted passions is stilled, here even we the poor share the riches of the world— the smell of the lemon trees.

Undersung | Eugenio Montale: Wringing the Neck of Eloquence Julie Larios | Numéro Cinq

See, in these silences when things let themselves go and seem almost to reveal their final secret, we sometimes expect to discover a flaw in Nature, the world’s dead point, the link that doesn’t hold, the thread that, disentangled, might at last lead us to the center of a truth. The eye rummages, the mind pokes about, unifies, disjoins in the fragrance that grows as the day closes, languishing. These are the silences where we see in each departing human shade some disturbed Divinity.


But the illusion dies, time returns us to noisy cities where the sky is only patches of blue, high up, between the cornices.

Rain wearies the ground; over the buildings winter’s tedium thickens. Light montalle niggardly, the soul bitter. And, one day, through a gate ajar, among the trees in a courtyard, we see the yellows of the lemon trees; and the heart’s ice thaws, and songs pelt into the breast and trumpets of gold pour forth epiphanies of Light!

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I limoni Italian Ascoltami, i poeti laureati si muovono soltanto fra le piante dai nomi poco usati: Source of the quotation https: The Lemon Trees English Listen: Arrowsmith, William Uploaded by.